Ashton Kutcher Plans to Propose

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Ashton Kutcher is planning to propose to his girlfriend, Mila Kunis, now that his divorce from Demi is final. A source close to Kutcher told People Magazine that Kunis and Kutcher were talking about getting engaged and married for a long time. The source goes on to say that Kutcher wants to get engaged during the holidays.

Kunis sparked engagement rumors when she was photographed wearing a gold band on the wedding finger. It was reported that having a baby and raising it with the Jewish religion is more important to them than getting married right now. It has not been reported whether or not Kutcher will fully convert to the Jewish religion but he loves the idea of having Jewish Babies with Kunis. Although some sources claim the coupe isn’t too concerned about marriage at this time, other sources have claimed he is ready to propose.

A source claimed Kutcher has been waiting for the divorce to be over with for a long time. He was getting annoyed that it was taking so long but is now relieved that it’s over. Kutcher and Moore had been married for six years until there were reports of infidelity. This led to the split up of the couple on the weekend of their 6 year anniversary when Kutcher was reportedly having sexual encounters with a San Diego local, Sara Leal.

Not long after their split, Kutcher began seeing his former co-star Mila Kunis from That 70s Show. It is unknown whether the two had been seeing each other while he was with Moore but they both deny getting together until after the split up. There has always been a connection between Kutcher and Kunis. The couple met on the set of That 70s Show and even on the show fans could see chemistry between them. In 2012 the couple was seen holding hands, though they denied any current relationship.

The rumors about Mila being pregnant have the public wondering if that is the reason Kutcher wants to propose. Kunis has reportedly been wearing looser clothing. This is odd for the young actress who normally wears sexy, tight-fitting clothing. In the latest photo taken, Kunis was reportedly wearing a loose-fitting sweater with sweat pants to match. There has been a report that the couple is ready for a baby. A source claims Kunis wants the children with Kutcher to be raised with her Jewish religion.

The couple was photographed for the first time on November 29th since the divorce finalized. They were seen going home after getting foot massages in L.A. The couple stayed low-key during the finalizing of the divorce. On November 26, Kunis was seen out grocery shopping with Kutcher’s mother. Reports claim they were getting ready for Thanksgiving.

As Kutcher and Moore’s divorce was being finalized, Kunis and Kutcher were spending Thanksgiving together with his family. It is plain to see that Kunis is getting close with Kutcher’s family. It has not been reported on how Kutcher’s family feels about the couple raising their baby in the Jewish religion. Though some are saying they are not ready for marriage, reports have mentioned Kutcher will be proposing around the holidays. It is unknown whether the couple will be married before having their first child.

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  1. andrea bahr   May 2, 2014 at 5:26 am

    I’m a fan of both Ashton Kuther and the sweet mommy to be Mila Kunis I think it is wonderful that they once again found one another it is true love and makes me hopeful that I to will find my true love…. so I would love to say good luck and I wish u both the best and can’t wait to see the wedding of a life time……… With love Andrea Bahr


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