Best Apps for New Tablets

Best Apps for New Tablets

Christmas morning is here, and many people are wondering “what are the best apps for new tablets?”. Who thought the future would be so thin? So brightly lit? Once the initial awe subsides though, many dazzled people aren’t sure what exactly they are supposed to use tablets for. While it’s true there are literally thousands of apps available that can make a tablet do just about anything from level pictures to estimate blood alcohol level, here is a quick round-up of useful and entertaining apps to break in that new touch screen.

One of the most popular uses for tablets is gaming, and some of the best apps for that new tablet are games in which the gamer swipes their way to a high score. Angry Birds is a mobile gaming classic, everyone loves to bash those pigs. For $0.99 new tablet owners can knock over fortresses in classic style, blast storm troopers in Angry Birds Star Wars, or race karts in Angry Birds Go. For those looking for games that are a little meatier, give Sky Gamblers a try. Fly 3-D planes against enemies in large dogfights that decide the fate of the Cold War. For $5 tablets become fighter plane cock pits, tilting to steer bombers and tapping to fire machine guns.

For those who are a little busier during the Holidays here are some of the best apps for that new tablet for getting things done. Google Drive is an app that allows documents and data to be stored in the cloud, making them available on the tablet anywhere there is a Wi-Fi signal. With this a report can be typed up on a comfy desktop computer, then presented from a feather light tablet. For those who need a little help keeping things straight, Evernote turns tablets into a note pad, making it easy to quickly jot down reminders and lists to help keep the day on track.

Anyone who enjoys curling up next to the fire with a good book will love Pocket and Kindle apps. Kindle is one of the best apps for that new tablet, bookworms will love the unlimited access to thousands of novels and stories right on their new high-definition screen. No more reading light required! Readers on the go will also be interested in Pocket, which allows snippets of articles and online news stories to be saved to the tablet and read later. Saved items can be pulled up even without a Wi-Fi signal, making Pocket perfect for stocking up on reading material to help survive dead zones.

This is just a small sampling of the best apps for that new tablet, but there is a staggering amount of others to choose from. From the budget helper Money Level to Waze, the next generation route finder, chances are there is an app out there that will let that new tablet accomplish tasks that never seemed important until the option revealed itself.

By Daniel O’Brien


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