Kejriwal to Hold the Delhi Darbar on Saturday

Kejriwal to be the chief minister of Delhi on Saturday



It is official Arvind Kejriwal the leader of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) will hold the Delhi darbar on Saturday. The present state elections have catapulted the Aam Aadmi Party to power in Delhi. Historically whoever rules Delhi rules the whole of India. The Mughals replaced the Lodhi Dynasty; after 300-years they were replaced by the English and after 100 years English lost it to the All India National Congress on the eve of independence.

Ever since 1947, the secular Congress and the Hindu fundamentalist Bhartya Janta Party ( India Peoles’s Party) have been taking turns in ruling Delhi. Congress was the last occupant of the Delhi darbar. They had been in power in Delhi for the last fifteen years and now it is for the first time in Indian history that AAP– one year old infant in politics– will rule Delhi. The smallest state within the Indian union but the most important because it includes the capital city of New Delhi within its jurisdiction.

The incumbency factor and rampant corruption were the reasons that  Congress lost. The BJP also did not  do well, because it is considered by many, as the other face of the same coin. BJP emerged as the single largest party with 31 seats in the 70 member state assembly, five crucial seats short to form the government. AAP with 28 seats after much debate, at last saved Delhi from passing into President’s rule by forging an alliance with Congress. Congress has won 8 seats in the present elections and has offered outside support to AAP.

Kejriwal an ex-tax officer and a lawyer defeated the incumbent chief minister, has named his six member cabinet. He will take oath of office as chief minister from the Governor of Delhi on Saturday. Kajriwal and his six cabinet ministers will hold the new Delhi darbar for the next five years.

The elections are over and now it is time to deliver. A very crucial time in Indian history as the next general elections are scheduled to be held six months from now.If Kejriwal is able to fulfill even a single promise he made to the voters within the coming six months than BJP  and Congress, are in for very hard times in the foreseeable future. AAP which today is only a regional party will emerge as a major national party if Kejriwal and his cabinet delivers.

The first major obstacle Kejriwal has to tackle is to clean the dirty “Aegean stables” of Delhi politics. Kejriwal won hearts and the votes of the Delhiites for he promised that AAP will up-root corruption from Delh. Not an easy task but Kejriwal has to come good on his electoral promise if AAP is to leave a long-lasting impact on Indian politics.

Unlike the governments in the past the honeymoon period for Kejriwal and his party is very short. If AAP is able to show positive progress within the next six months then Kejriwal will be a strong contender for premiership of India. If not than Kejriwal will only hold the Delhi darbar on Saturday for the coming five years and then fade away as other rulers of Delhi did before him.

By Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada

The Hindu



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