Breaking News Rules

Breaking News

 All certified writers at Guardian Liberty Voice should have only considered joining this publication because they love writing. As such, they should seek out articles that tell a story, inform and/or entertain their audience. We use a 500 word minimum for articles. For breaking news stories, 80 words are allowed, but breaking news must follow the criteria below:

Breaking News Mandatory Criteria:

1) Happens no later than one hour prior to the story being submitted

2) Is noteworthy and new, such as death of a major celebrity or a politician, or a major news story that has a huge brand new development.

3) Is being covered by the major news outlets (unless you have a major exclusive on a big story that no one else knows about. An example of this would someone you know texts you from inside the senate floor before it gets out the press, or someone you know who knows a celebrity tells you they just dropped dead or something like that. Otherwise, breaking news should be on CNN, BBC, etc. If it’s not, then it’s probably not exciting enough to be called breaking news.)

4) Has the potential to go viral

5) Is something that will produce an entire article afterwards or even many multiple articles.

In other words, it should be “BIG” important and exciting brand-new-news. Otherwise, it should be written as a normal 500 plus word article. Writers should be excited and enthused to write 500 words or more on their chosen topic and not simply be seeking out stories in which they can submit very few words. Only a true breaking news story is the exception to the 500 word rule. All breaking news stories must meet all of the criteria above to be published as breaking news or else it will be sent back to the writer for expansion.

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