Newtown Shooting; Five Things the Media is Hiding about Gun Control

Sandy Hook, Newtown shooting
By now, it has become the norm for the anti-gun lobby to mercilessly exploit every victim of a mass shooting to push their agenda of disarming the population, as in the case of the Newtown shooting, and the media has eagerly gone along with it. There are one or two things about the push for increased gun control, however, that most of the media is hiding.

First and foremost, there is the quite obvious fact that the Newtown massacre would not have been a massacre, had armed guards or armed citizens been present in the school when Adam Lanza first walked in. This fact is beyond dispute; no mass shooting has ever been carried out in a place where one or more armed individuals were in the immediate vicinity. Even armed campus police are unable to prevent mass shootings on college grounds as , just like all other law enforcement agencies, they cannot be everywhere at all times and require precious minutes to locate – and respond to – an active shooter.

It is those who wish to remove guns from society, therefore, who are responsible for the deaths of the Newtown victims, in addition to the those in Aurora, Fort Hood, Virginia Tech, Columbine and every other slaughter that occurred in a “gun-free zone” – which is, of course, where they always occur.

Whilst the anti-gun fanatics would argue – not unreasonably – that fewer guns lead to fewer mass shootings, they conveniently ignore that fact that all other categories of violent crime rise dramatically in the wake of total gun bans; the UK being a prime example. One is more likely to become the victim of a random assault whilst walking the streets of London or Manchester than one is walking through New Orleans; having spent much time in each of those cities, this writer speaks from personal experience. The United Kingdom, when looking at violent crime statistics as a whole, was a less violent place when citizens were allowed to own guns.

Violent crime has decreased in the United States over the past ten years even as the rate of gun-ownership has remained steady and the community of concealed-carry permit holders has grown significantly, with an increasing number of women also carrying.

Senator Diane Feinstein
Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein believes she has a right to self-defense but ordinary Americans do not

In 1995, Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) told a Senate hearing “I know the urge to arm yourself because that’s what I did. I was trained in firearms. I walked to the hospital when my husband was sick. I carried a concealed weapon and I made the determination if somebody was going to try and take me out, I was going to take them with me.” Politicians, it should be remembered, do not believe that gun-control laws apply to them.

Whilst the mainstream media continues hiding some of the harsh realities of the gun debate from Americans and pushes the “need” for more extensive gun control, they are, on occasion, surprisingly prone to the occasional bout of objectivity: In 2012, USA Today reported on the conclusions of British criminologist Peter Squires, who pointed out that mass shootings in the US were more about culture than gun control. Squires, himself an advocate of gun control, studied gun violence in the US and Europe – particularly, mass-shootings. He concluded that communities in Europe are more close-knit than in the US, where individualism is more highly prized. “What stops crime above all is informal social controls,” Squires says. “Close-knit societies where people are supported, where their mood swings are appreciated, where if someone starts to go off the rails it’s noted, where you tend to intervene, where there’s more support.” Squires also pointed out that, although mass shootings are rare in Europe, they do still occur.

The argument that gun-control is absolute; that simply depriving citizens of the right to own firearms will put an end to mass shootings, is disproven by the situations in Switzerland and Israel, in particular. In Switzerland, all citizens of military age complete a short stint of military training each year. Swiss citizens store their weapons – including fully-automatic machine-guns – as well as ammunition, in their own homes. In Israel, where the civilian population is heavily armed and many carry guns at all times, there are no mass shootings, other than those that can be connected to terrorism and tensions between the Jewish and Arab communities.

There are no absolutes; human nature is simply not that predictable. It would be wrong to suggest, for example, that arming all citizens would lead to a zero crime-rate. Although the idea has actually worked in relatively small communities, in a nation of over 300 million souls there are no guarantees. When remembering the Newtown shooting, one wonders, however – when the anti-gun lobby constantly proclaims that “we must do something” and that action is justified “if it saves even one life” – why the most effective measure; the arming of security guards, parents and/or teachers is the one thing that they refuse to contemplate.

In the US, the idea of community support and the closeness of the family unit is increasingly under attack, particularly under the control of Progressives who promote the ideology of the state being the arbiter of all social support and in which parents are frequently seen as not being capable of raising or educating their own children.

It is the Progressive war on the family unit, self-help and community support that fosters feelings of isolation and bitterness and creates a situation in which individuals with emotional problems are not taken care of by their friends and family; where behavioral problems, depression and anxiety are not being picked up on and dealt with. Whilst the American ideal of rugged individualism was always cherished, small-town America traditionally looked after itself. Today, Americans are taught that it is not your parents, siblings and neighbors who look out for you, but the government.

Most disturbingly, it should be noted that each one of the mass shootings in the US in recent history has been carried out by individuals with severe emotional and/or psychological problems. The current administration has used the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) as the chief weapon in its campaign to disarm law-abiding Americans. It should be remembered that the President and the people with whom he has surrounded himself believe, always, that the ends justify the means. Operation Fast and Furious being a classic example. The Justice Department attempted to flood Mexico with guns from American gun stores to justify tighter laws – an operation that lead to the deaths of more than 200 Mexican citizens and at least two US federal agents.

What is the link to the mental health issue? A favorite tactic of the ATF has been to use mentally disturbed individuals in sting operations – most of which failed. The agency has set up such individuals to make illegal gun purchases and otherwise entrap criminal elements. Further reading on such tactics is available via links below. Is it really such a stretch, then, to imagine such mentally-challenged characters as Adam Lanza and James Holmes being manipulated to perpetrate atrocities in order to push gun-bans? No, it is not. There is certainly no proof of this and there is also no doubt that some mass shootings are nothing more than tragic cases of individuals acting upon some delusional sense of revenge. It does appear peculiar, however, that mass killings have become almost routine occurrences since this administration – the most anti-gun administration in memory – came to power. The perpetrators have little in common, other than those characteristics which make them ideal targets of ATF manipulation; young males who are loners known for behavioral problems. Certainly, this is speculation; an idea that will, likely, never be entirely proven or dis-proven.

One wonders, however – with Democrats scrambling frantically to deprive Americans of the basic human right of self-defense – how many more mass shootings will occur between now and the 2014 mid-terms; if the answer turns out to be none, then the theory of government involvement may be off-base. This writer predicts, however, that at least one more mass-casualty shooting – most likely at a high school or elementary school and most likely leading to more than 10 fatalities – will be carried out, by a disturbed young man, within the next six months.

Editorial by Graham J Noble

USA Today
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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  1. Martin Hedington   January 5, 2014 at 6:49 am

    To clarify, the article said; “Swiss citizens store their weapons,.. as well as ammunition, in their own homes”. The Swiss Government only recalled the free ammo they’d previously given away, they still subsidize ammo sales to civilians and they still allow civilians to store fully automatic weapons at home, on issue of a license. Source:
    Cheers from South Africa.

  2. Cam Zilla   December 15, 2013 at 12:18 am

    Uh… no the swiss soldiers don’t get ammo anymore to store at home. Introduced 1997. 99% of ammo returned. Bad, bad research… cheers from Switzerland


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