Canada Study Shows Fear of Being Single Lowers Standards

Canada: Study Shows Fear of Being Single Lowers Standards

There has been a new research study from Canada just released which shows fear of being single results in the lowering of relationship standards for both men and women.

Investigators that worked out of the University of Toronto,  in Canada, found that the dread of being single is an extremely significant predictor if someone will settle for less in relationships among both males and females.

Geoff MacDonald, who is one of the study authors, and also a professor at the university, stated that being lonely is painful, for both men and women. So it is not a shock that the fear of being single does not discriminate on the base of a person’s gender.

Researchers questioned a section of adults that ranged in ages about their thoughts on how they felt about being single. They lived in both the United States and also Canada. They were also asked to complete various tasks and different surveys. They were then given the chance to win a $50 gift certificate once they completed the various surveys.

In one survey, over 125 women and around 26 men were asked about what kind of fears, if any, they had about being single. About 40 percent said they did not have any type fear about being alone. Around 12 percent even stated they enjoyed both the positives and also negatives of being single.

However, nearly 20 percent said they were afraid about being alone when they died. Another 6 percent stated that they were frightened of being lonely when they got older.

In following survey and also experiments, examiners found that women and men both were so terrified of being single that they were willing to continue staying in unsatisfactory relationships, and people who had fears of being alone were much less likely to end a bad relationship.

The test subjects’ romantic interests were established. People who were anxious about being alone chose less attractive possible dates.

The above situation was simulated in a speed-dating type of situation. Investigators noticed that fears over being single caused individuals to be not so selective in who they showed they were interested in.

However, such fear of being single failed to effect any of the participants self-standards of what they said they were searching for in someone of the opposite sex.

Such a study can help everyone understand why people seem to stay in relationships that seem bad for them. People are worried about being single and this seems to play a major role in such types of unhealthy relationships.

Being alone can be very hard. Family and friends help but they do not replace a special someone in a person’s life. The majority of individuals want to have a strong one-on-one relationship with another person. Sadly for some, this ends up meaning having to put up with just about whatever that happens to keep away the terror of being by oneself.

Therefore, the University researchers have found that the fear of being single will cause both males and females to lower their personal criteria in what they are looking for and what they want.

Thanks to the study out of Canada, now people everywhere can understand why they and many others have fears of being single and why they may have lowered their standards.


By Kimberly Ruble

CBS News

Science World Report

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