City Wants Off-the-Grid Widow’s Home

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Widow Robin Speronis does not have any family around, and the city of Cape Coral, Florida wants to take the home she owns. Speronis lives an alternative off the grid lifestyle. She is living an example of how people can survive if power is lost.  Cape Coral is not in agreement of her choice. A code enforcement officer knocked on her door and proceeded to designate the home as uninhabitable.  This occurred the day after Speronis’ interview was aired on Fox 4 News in November.

The premise of the television series Revolution is based on living after the lights go out worldwide. Take away all the sensationalism tactics for higher ratings and what is left is Speronis.  She lives without running water, and electricity, and her choice to do so has caused the city to condemn her home and attempt to evict her. If the lights go out, most likely her neighbors would become her new family.  Her home would be the best one to visit for advice. If such an extreme situation were to occur the same city might decide to hire her as a consultant.

Speronis may have some level of expertise on the subject of survival. She lives what she speaks; her program on Blogtalkradio is called “Talk Off the Grid Living.” While many survival scenarios are based on living outside the city, Speronis prefers to be an example of living off the grid in town. Earlier this year she was living off the grid deep in the woods in an RV in North Fort Myers. While living there, she was broadcasting her radio show.  She realized one does not have to live on a farm or isolated to live off the grid.

According to Speronis’ press release, her goal is to participate in a community and live off the grid simultaneously. This is unique when compared to many of the survival concepts provided by the media. Many similar depictions of this lifestyle show everyone going through the same experience simultaneously. Usually it is from some sort of consequence of an event. Speronis took it upon herself to make a choice and stand by it when there is not a state of emergency.  Speronis wants to be an example of hope, which she believes is just as important as nutrition.

Look for “survivor” in any search engine and the results will not be disappointing. Surviving is one of today’s hot trends. Reality shows, films and Speronis, are all providing similar information. The majority of the population does not know how to live this way.

Speronis is a widow, her family is gone and she is living stress free off the grid. The city feels her home is not habitable without running water or electricity. The writers of the hit show Little House on the Prairie might have a difference of opinion, as well as many writers of film and television. Entertainment is expected to be based on some level of reality. Speronis is that example. An attorney is volunteering their services to assist her with rectifying this situation with the city. Often being  different is misunderstood and rejected by the majority. Time will reveal the outcome of this case.

By Dada Ra

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    Grid Widow’s Home is the best choice 🙂

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