Cody Walker Clears Brother Paul’s Belongings

Cody Walker (L) and late brother Paul (R)

On Wednesday afternoon,  Cody Walker was spotted clearing up the belongings of his fallen brother Paul Walker. There were several household items like clothes, along with a surf board, and several boxes. The tragic death of Paul Walker has taken a toll on every member of the family and Cody was seen consoling his mother, Cheryl. It was in Santa Barbara, California that the whole family attended the memorial service of Paul.

Cody Walker, Caleb Walker, and Paul Walker were quite close as brothers and had a pretty cordial relationship. The last time they all met was in October to celebrate Caleb’s wedding. A neighbor was seen offering her condolences and gave Cody a hug. Although the task of moving things of Paul must be emotionally challenging, Cody appeared to be very calm while packing boxes into the back of the car and consoling his mother.

The Walkers appear to be a closely knit family and with strong bonds between the members, especially the three brothers. Brother Caleb’s wedding was a large get-together, and the entire family met in California to celebrate the auspicious moment. However, Caleb was not in evidence as Cody was captured via the photographer’s lenses while he was clearing Paul’s home.

It is quite difficult to find out the details about Cody Walker the stuntman, and he was almost invisible before the tragic death of his movie star brother. It was only after the accident that Cody came to limelight and people started recognizing him. It seems that he was always a caring person, much akin to Paul. Nevertheless, the amount of readily available information on Cody does not matter here. Cody’s commitment to clearing his big brother’s belongings shows fans how deeply he cared for Paul. Why the belongings were packed inside a car, is however unknown, but it seems that the memories of Paul were being taken someplace else.

Siblings of famous actors are often unknown  or not mentioned in the media. To give an example, Charles Q. Murphy, the brother of Eddie Murphy, does not enjoy the stardom as Eddie, even though he has a decent career in the film industry. Similarly, Cody Walker also was a lesser known personality even as he is a successful stuntman.

The late actor’s home has become a shrine nowadays, with all the neighbors and well-wishers coming and paying their respects to the family. The elder Walker’s mother was helping Cody when he was clearing the belongings of Paul, a sad but special moment for them. While many a family member was present in Santa Barbara, Cody appears to be the  one taking most of the responsibilities, according to media reports.

Cody Walker’s sister Ashlie Walker commented that they are still trying to cope up with the situation. It does suggest that while the brothers and sisters were close, Cody is a strong person mentally as he was clearing the household belongings of Paul Walker. A close family member commented few days ago that Paul would be the, “biggest angel in heaven.”

By Sunando Basu

Daily Mail

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Daily Mail

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