Fast Furious 7 to Use Cody Walker Invisible Brother of Paul Walker

Fast Furious 7 to Use Cody Walker Invisible Brother of Paul Walker

The latest news about the casting problems of Fast & Furious 7 has Cody Walker named as the number one choice to play Brian O’Conner; Cody the invisible brother of Paul Walker looks amazingly like his late sibling. Attempting to find out anything about the 25 year-old stuntman is difficult or more accurately nigh on impossible. Using media information that Cody has worked as a professional stuntman as a starting point should have given access to, at the very least, a short bio.

It does not. Hence the description of Cody as the invisible brother. Apart from the odd photos and the sudden interest articles; information on the younger sibling of Paul is scarce. It almost seems as though he did not exist before his brother’s tragic demise in the Porsche Carrera GT that crashed and burned on Nov. 30 this year. It seems that someone had access to information not available to the average citizen about Cody’s professional standing as a stuntman.

Looking on IMDbPro; the SAG/AFTRA website; the Stuntmen’s Association of Motion Pictures; or any other stuntman union/association/directory will yield no extant information about Cody Walker. Even looking on the professional website Linkedin provides no information on the younger brother of Paul. Apart from the odd photographs scattered across the internet, and those are not very inclusive featuring shots of Cody as a teenager and then later near his present age, he seems to be pretty well hidden from view.

There are no credits to his name and he apparently is not a member of any union. Of course he could be working under another name, but, that information is also unobtainable. Cody Walker is, seemingly, invisible; especially when compared to his late brother Paul Walker. Universal Pictures have decided to use Cody in Fast & Furious 7 based on his close resemblance to his deceased brother not because of his acting credentials. In essence the lack of information does not really matter and it is not unusual in show business families for one member to outshine the rest of the clan.

That is one problem facing siblings of the famous. There are quite a few actors and actresses that have brothers and sisters who are not part of the business. These “silent” family members are overshadowed by the glittering presence of their well-known thespian entertainer relatives. Some have attempted to join the ranks of actors in the industry, but, few are regularly employed.

These invisible relatives of movie stars and famous actors, and there is a difference between the two, sometimes already work in the business and some do not. Fast & Furious 7 plans to use Cody Walker, the “invisible” brother of Paul Walker to fill out the empty space left by his death. Cody apparently is already connected to the entertainment world, although attempting to find out any information on him is seemingly impossible. There are other instances of acting families, not dynasties like the Sheen family, who have lesser known members treading the boards in varying terms of success.

Fast Furious 7 to Use Cody Walker Invisible Brother of Paul Walker
Liam, Chris and Luke Hemsworth: Actors three.

For example Liam Hemsworth, along with his brother Chris, are big names in Hollywood, but 32 year-old big brother Luke is not so well known in Tinsel Town. Luke actually started treading the boards earlier than his younger brothers, but, he started out in Australia working on a TV soap. He does work, but, it is in the “land down under” and not Hollywood.

James Franco, who has been dubbed the busiest man in Hollywood, also has a younger brother in the business. Dave Franco is an actor and he’s been pretty busy of late. He is not as well known as his busy brother, but, female fans have declared that he is the “better looking Franco.”

Vanessa Hudgens, she of the nude cell phone photo scandal and Disney’s High School Musical, has a younger sister. 15 years-old Stella is also an actress and it has been said that her singing voice is on par with her older sister’s. Thus far the younger Hudgens has managed to keep her clothes on when sending selfies via the internet.

Of course there are stars who actually have a twin. Linda Hamilton – Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgement day – has a twin sister. Leslie Hamilton who is not an actress, she is a nurse by trade, did appear in Terminator 2 as the T-1000 who was disguised as Linda’s character Sarah Connor. Leslie also appears very briefly as Linda’s reflection in the same film. She has not, to date, worked on any other films.

Fast Furious 7 to Use Cody Walker Invisible Brother of Paul Walker
LInda Hamilton and Leslie Hamilton; Sarah Connor times two.

On the small screen, there are the very famous Olsen twins Mary Kate and Ashley. These two famous, and very rich, twins have another sister who also works in the business, but, not on television; unless you want to include a 1994 made for TV film. Younger sister Elizabeth is making waves in feature films and apparently inherited the acting gene from her sisters. Another small screen actor who has a twin is Nicholas Brendon. As Xander in the Joss Whedon mega hit television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer he was a popular, and amusing, member of the Scooby Gang. In one episode there had to be an alternate version of Xander and Brendon’s real-life twin Paul stepped into the role easily.

The one thing that most of these actor’s lesser known siblings have in common is the invisibility factor. While Elizabeth Olsen is making her own mark on screen, the others have been overshadowed by the fame of their acting relatives. Some have made very brief appearances in films or television, but, for the most part they are out of the limelight.

The small examples of stars who have less famous or unknown brothers/sisters that are mentioned in this article are just the tip of the iceberg. Many famous entertainers have relatives in the business that are less visible. Eddie Murphy, for instance, has older brother Charles Q. Murphy. Listed as an actor, writer, producer and comedian, the other Murphy has 45 credits to his name on IMDb. He does not, however, have the star factor that Eddie has.

Fast & Furious 7 will, allegedly, use Cody Walker, stuntman and invisible brother of Paul Walker to play the part of Brian O’Conner in the latest installment of the popular franchise. While the world waits to see if Cody will actually accept and how the replacement will work, fans will continue to mourn the loss of his older brother.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom



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