PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 of Sony Entertainment costs only $400 in comparison to $500 of Xbox One. The resolution graphics, texture details and the applied effects of PlayStation 4 are absolutely stunning. With a strong and comfortable controller on the lap, everyone can play to the fullest. Moreover the touch-pad is really smooth to operate. Although PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One is a difficult comparison to analyze, the essence of each console has some uniqueness in their own way.

The Xbox One on the other hand has a holistic approach. It acts like a controller which can add a new dimension to any entertainment system. The console incorporates live television as if it is some kind of a magic wand. Technology has taken such great leaps that it has made owner’s lives pretty smooth. When the Xbox One is connected to the television, it simply acts like a robot and integrates the live feed.

PlayStation 4 targeted the AMD processor so that more developers get involved to support the system. Maximizing the AMD processors, PlayStation 4 aims to make the world of video game much like the social media interaction. The live feed from friends can be easily accessed and seen via the controller of the video game. Dual Shock 4 is the name of this much hyped controller and it is compatible with various kinds of systems and enhanced capacitive touch pad.

The Xbox One also uses an AMD processor and the interactivity of the gaming service occurs via the cloud. The concept of cloud-based game streaming is extremely high-tech and points to the fact that the console was released by none other than the tech-giant, Microsoft. The situation is such that the debate of PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One can cause some headaches when deciding which one to buy.

Microsoft Corporation and Sony Entertainment may not be enemies, but it looks that way by the extent of creativity shown in these devices. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One differ in their sizes as well. The PlayStation 4 is a bit smaller than the Xbox One.  It seems that Sony has decided to focus on the memory and speed. With 8GB of GDDR5 memory, the PS4 has a very high speed memory with a specialized architecture inside of the controller.

There are thousands of reviews of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One over the internet but after some research on these devices, but it only points out to the fact that PlayStation vs Xbox One is a very relative thing and the opinions will vary from person to person. The PlayStation 3 was quite big in size and very heavy too, whereas its successor has a sleeker structure and attracts a lot more people. The look and the body of the devices also play a big role in its success and PlayStation has that edge over Xbox One. Christmas is knocking on the door and deciding which one will serve the consumer’s needs and gaming interests better is a tough job. Try not to decide on the basis of prices over features. Either way, both are cool gifts to get or give!

By Sunando Basu

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