Harold Camping: Death, Doomsday, and A Rood Awakening

Harold Camping

Harold Camping, the man who incorrectly attempted to predict doomsday, has left his followers with a rood awakening as news circulated Tuesday about his death. Camping is the radio minister that had convinced his followers and others that Jesus would be returning on May 21, 2011 to signify the end of the world.

Nina Romero, of Family Radio Network, said that Camping had died Sunday. This followed news that the world-renowned radio preacher had been hospitalized after falling in his house. The retired engineer turned preacher is most widely known for preaching his message that judgement was heading to planet earth, and further making predictions as to the date that Yahshua (the man known to the world as Jesus) would be returning to usher in the end of the age.

The end-times judgement and doomsday message was promoted by Camping using some 5,000 billboards. In addition to the billboards, at least 20 RV’s were wrapped with the message and hit the roads to warn of the impending doomsday return of the Messiah. The date set by the famous preacher was May 21, 2011. Many an individual sold everything and helped to fund the intense marketing campaign. The campaign received so much attention in fact, that is is reported to have enabled one nay-sayer to even open a business which promised to care for the animals of those who would be caught up and disappear as the popular rapture teaching asserts.

It is clear that Harold Camping, along with his worldwide following, had not been exposed to individuals like Michael Rood and A Rood Awakening Ministry who have for many years asserted that the scriptures show certain pre-requisites that must take place prior to the return of the Messiah Yahshua (commonly known as Jesus.) Rood and his ministry are also totally convinced that no such pre-tribulation rapture teaching exists anywhere within the scriptures.

When it turned out that Camping’s prediction for the return of the Messiah, along with the impending doomsday and judgement, were false, he publicly stated that his prediction had been “incorrect and sinful.” He further announced that he and his ministry would be getting out of the prediction business all together. In follow up statements to media, Camping admitted that he must have made a mistake, threw out another date later in the year as the possible correct date, and highlighted his own humanity and shortcomings in attempts to respond to the failed predictions.

Camping, a Berkeley graduate, had attended the Christian Reformed Church for many years with his family and served for some time as an elder before branching out and starting his own ministry. He was at one point highly-respected by Evangelicals for both his grasp of the scriptures and the success of his radio ministry. He fell out of favor with many of his supporters when he began to teach that the “church-age” had ended and that many churches were teaching heretical doctrines. Camping even went as far as to encourage his listeners not to join traditional churches due to his assertions regarding false doctrines and the “church age.” These actions quickly lost Camping much of the support he had previously enjoyed from traditional Evangelicsl circles.

Harold Camping, the doomsday prophet, now finally leaves his followers with a rood awakening after realizing that the kind old preacher has come and gone and doomsday has not yet arrived. Although many teachers like Michael Rood, author and historian known for providing the corrected biblical hebrew calendar and founding the online ministry aroodawakening.tv, provide significant scriptural and historical evidence of concrete and yet-unfulfilled pre-requisites for the second coming, along with numerous arguments stating the impossibility of a pre-tribulation rapture, many individuals around the world were convinced by the teachings of Harold Camping regarding the 2011 coming of the Messiah. Time has shown his predictions to be incorrect however, and his followers now are faced with the loss of the man in whose teacheings they once trusted.

Camping did publicly display his remorse for the predictions stating, “If people want me to apologize, I can apologize.” He did in other statements to the press expand on his feelings of sadness for the failed predictions, and since 2011 refrained from making additional doomsday predictions.

Harold Camping, the doomsday prophet, leaves behind a wife of 71 years, and news of his passing is a rood awakening for his loyal followers around the world.

By Daniel Worku


A Rood Awakening Ministries


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