Craigslist Killers: Newlyweds Charged in Craigslist Murder


Craigslist has been cited as the avenue used by a newlywed couple to lure a victim which later ended up dead. The victim is thought to have been attracted by a Craigslist ad, later stabbed to death and dumped in an alley. The Craigslist killers have been accused and await their fate.

One of the two newlyweds accused of baiting the victim with an advertisement has been ordered to stand trial. The charges include homicide, robbery, and conspiracy.

Miranda Barbour, 18, and her husband Elytte, 22, were the couple accused of the crimes. Miranda pled not guilty Friday and has been ordered to stand trial, while her husband is scheduled for a hearing later today.

The couple was originally married in North Carolina, but the accused Craigslist killers moved shortly thereafter to Pennsylvania.

Police have alleged that the husband, Elytte, spoke to investigators, telling them the couple committed the crime because they wanted to kill someone together.

Authorities also allege that Miranda told investigators that she and victim had met when the victim decided to respond to a “relations-for-money” type advertisement on Craigslist. She allegedly went on to describe that she and the victim, 42 year old Troy LaFerrara, entered a vehicle and drove from Selinsgrove to Sunbury near Philadelphia.

Apparently the Craigslist killers had planned it so that Elytte, who was allegedly hiding in the back seat under a blanket, would come out at an arranged time and proceed to kill LaFerrara.

Elytte awaits a court appearance later in the day, while Miranda has pled not-guilty to the charges despite allegations that she spoke to investigators about committing the crime.

For now, one of the accused Craigslist killers has been charged, while the other awaits his fate.

By Daniel Worku

Washington Post


Kansas City Star

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