Democrats and the Media: An Incestuous Relationship

Democrats and the Media: An Incestuous Relationship

Examining the relationship between Liberal Democrats and their willing accomplices in the media, exposes it to be a close-knit and deeply incestuous affair. As evidence, take a closer look at the current Term Limit case before the Nevada Supreme Court, as it effects the 2014 Reno Mayoral race. Then look at who political and media players all are, and how they fit together.

Local Reno businessman/Mayoral candidate Eddie Lorton, has filed suit with the Nevada Supreme Court; he seeks to stop termed-out Reno City Councilmen from illegally extending their political careers. Councilwoman Jessica Sferrazza for instance, reaches her term limit in 2014. Sferrazza is running for Mayor in 2014, in the apparent hopes that no one will remember that the Mayor is a Member of the City Council, not a separate entity from it.

Section 3.010 of the Reno City Charter is quite clear in the matter. It states that:

1.The Mayor:

(a) Shall serve as a member of the City Council and preside over its meetings. *(emphasis added)

(b) Shall not have any administrative duties.

(c) Must be recognized as the head of the City Government for all ceremonial purposes.

(d) Shall determine the order of business at meetings pursuant to the rules of the City Council.

(e) Is entitled to vote and shall vote last on all roll call votes.

In Reno, clear term limits for the City Council were written into law back in 1996; until now, local politicians have honored that law. However, it seems that ambition among Democrats, combined with the incestuous relationship they share with certain members of the Media, has inspired a smear campaign seeking to muddy the waters on the issue.

Anjeanette Damon, who graduated from the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, writes political commentary for the Reno Gazette Journal (RGJ), and is still listed as a staff writer on the Las Vegas Weekly website. She spends a lot of time rubbing elbows and finding agreement with Nevada’s “number two” Democrat liberal blogger, Jon Ralston. The two have appeared on NPR together, and their mutual agreements showed the warm relationship of close professional colleagues. Theirs seems to be an abiding friendship, between like minded liberal Democrats who write for a living. They have also been known to engage in minor debates on Twitter, which only serve to generate additional publicity for them both.

Ralston is a liberal Democrat who resides and works in Las Vegas, yet he somehow managed to marry Reno City Councilwoman Jessica Sferrazza. No flies on Ralston for that; Sferrazza, a liberal Democrat herself, seems to be an excellent catch for a man who is so strident for liberal policies. They truly make a great couple, as those things go.

Which brings the story back to Damon: She has been consistently MIS-characterizing Lorton and his case for term limits as a publicity stunt, pulled by a braggart who would have no chance to win in a fair political fight. Which very handily -and stealthily- aids the wife of Damon’s good friend Ralston. She fails to mention that Lorton is completely out of his own pockets, on this suit. Or that he will be taking a serious pay cut, to accept the position of Mayor.

Eddie Lorton
Eddie Lorton

Lorton himself has been very clear that he is only seeking to become Mayor, because his business experience should be sufficient for him to correct the “waste and mismanagement” he has identified in Reno’s financial dealings. Lorton grew up in Reno and has lived there since he was three. By working hard and using a keen insight about investments and good business practices, 51 year old Lorton says was able to retire at the age of 41.

His business holdings in the city have brought him to City Council meetings over the past few years, where he could learn for himself why the Council made the choices and decisions which brought city coffers into so much debt. 12 years ago, Reno had a small surplus held as a rainy-day fund. It is now in debt – counting principal and interest – to the tune of $1.2 billion. Lorton believes that the sound business practices which allowed him to retire so young, will serve to stem the hemorrhaging of Reno’s tax dollars.

If Lorton were anything like Damon wants Reno to believe, he could have waited to file suit until after the March 2014 deadline to announce for Mayor. Had he waited, all of the currently term-limited Council-members who would have been running, could have been tossed off the ticket in a very public display.

By filing suit this early, it is obvious that Lorton wants to clear away all the dead-wood which put Reno in the financial hole, to begin with. With those career politicians no longer “sucking up all the oxygen” on the Mayoral ticket, ALL of the fresh faces and good ideas can be put forward to the people of Reno. When machine politicos aren’t on the ticket – with their political apparatus already in full swing – it creates an opportunity for genuinely free, fair and full discussion of the available options.

Democrat Sferrazza, by virtue of her marriage to Democrat  Ralston and no overt pulling of strings, is benefiting secretly from local reporter Damon, who is crafting negative stories about Lorton.

There are, of course, several national examples of the incestuous relationship shared by Democrats and the Media; this one just hit home.

Editorial by Ben Gaul





Reno City Charter


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