Donny & Marie Christmas Tour Adds Vegas Vibe

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Donny & Marie are a singing sensation embraced by the various generational age groups they have touched. Since the mid-1970’s, Donny & Marie, the depiction of the perfect siblings, have made beautiful music together. The singing duo launched their Christmas tour December 1 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Now, the pair will finalizing their final rounds of concerts, to end on December 21. The show previously attended by Texans and Floridians mark one common theme; the Osmonds immerse into delightful melodies, adding a Vegas vibe to the performance.

Marie Osmond has remained in the spotlight through the last two decades, inspiring consistency in an ever-changing entertainment field. She also made headlines off the stage when her family experienced tragedies. In 2007 the Osmonds lost their patriarch and all nine children gathered to mourn the death of their supportive father. It was three years later when Marie’s own son took his life in Los Angeles. Donny & Marie, at the time, were performing at the Flamingo Resort in Las Vegas. The family may had experienced emotional hardships, but they have continued to inspire and bring incredible song. Donny has been busy these past several years from marking his stage presence on Broadway, to hosting competition shows across the country. The talented brother and sister team continue to headline shows at the Flamingo Resort.

Donny & Marie Christmas Tour- Florida
Donny & Marie Christmas Tour- Florida

The musical prowess of the sibling duo have made them a sensation in Las Vegas. Critics have called their shows “dazzling,” “high-energy” and the pair are definitely “first-class superstars.” Their sold out shows have earned them stellar accolades such as the The Best of Las Vegas, earning them the 2012 Best Performers of Last Vegas. The commanding pair have long been traveling companions and look forward to sharing their impact across the mid-west and East coast. Speaking to Esmeralda from Florida she gushed about the recent performance in Tampa Bay, Florida from the 6th.

The whole dynamic is excellent. Marie drops a joke, the lights are flashing, the music is loud, but not obnoxious. There are dancers, and all you hear are their beautiful voices. I have been following them since I was a child and there I was, 47 years old and clapping like a child! It was this energetic and amazing feel to the whole thing. Donny will walk through the crowds and that was simply amazing. This is a definite must see.

The Osmonds have a busy December and dedicates it as black-out dates for the Flamingo Resort. Donny & Marie will be traveling to Pittsburgh tomorrow, Providence Saturday and Cleveland next Tuesday, finishing off their Ohio concert in Columbus on the 19th. Chicago and Minneapolis will close out the remainder of the Donny & Marie Christmas Tour.

With over 100 million records sold, sold out arenas and a family that has touched American hearts since the late 70’s, the Osmonds still provide an earthy and commanding presence. Ticketmaster is selling tickets for all shows and fans in Pennsylvania can still purchase tickets to tomorrow’s show. The Christmas Tour brings a sense of renewed spirit, enchantment and overall goodwill. Regardless, one celebrates Christmas or not – the message of goodwill is always one the Osmonds like to share.

Inspired by life and singing beyond tragedy, Donny & Marie’s Christmas Tour provides the essence of this feel-good season. With added Vegas vibes, a touch of classic and an immersion of fan participation, the shows are stirring excitement. Been to a recent show? Share the experience in the comments below.


Written by Angelina Bouc

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