Nevada Couple Heated Rocks to Survive Sub-Zero Temperatures

NevadaThe Nevada couple who had been missing since Sunday has been found, says Pershing County authorities.  It may be due to the group’s survival techniques which included heating stones to stay warm.

Before they were discovered a Nevada highway patrolman, who was a part of the search, said the best possible scenario would be that the couple and their children had stayed in the jeep and were found there. Well, that is exactly what happened.

James Glanton and his girlfriend Christina McIntee were found in their silver Jeep along with Glanton’s two children and McIntee’s niece and nephew. The children ranged between three and 10 years of age.

Shortly after 11 a.m. the Sheriff’s Office got word that the Jeep had been located. Leslie Steward, a police dispatcher in Pershing County, said that the Jeep had rolled over and down a little slope. When they found the vehicle the couple and the children were inside.

Reportedly the Jeep had been spotted doing “wheelies or donuts” near a mining camp at the Seven Troughs mountain range district in Nevada.

That region is currently experiencing incredibly low temperatures. Sunday night, when the party first went missing, the temperatures fell to 21 degrees below zero. The temperatures were also well below zero for Monday and Tuesday; which the group spent missing.

Reports say that the group had not carried food or water with them on the twenty-mile drive from their home to the mining camp where they were spotted doing donuts. They did use a spare tire to stuff twigs and bush to start a fire to stay warm. They also heated rocks in the fire to stay warm.

Officials report they were in “fairly good shape” on Tuesday afternoon when found. A truly remarkable feat considering how cold it got in Pershing County, Nevada during those days. The couple has so far been praised for their survival techniques which kept the children warm. Their choice to do car doughnuts is seen as more reckless behavior.

The area the Jeep was located had horrible cell phone reception, according to one source, making it impossible for the couple to call for help. In fact, when a volunteer located the jeep he had to drive away from the site before he could alert the sheriff’s office of the discovery.

Apparently the search focused on places near the area the Jeep was last seen.   This is an area with notably bad cell phone reception;  the search crew assumed that if the group was somewhere with reception  they would have called for assistance.

“Search and rescue will always be a matter of elimination,” Nevada Patrol Coronel Timothy Han said. He added that the team focused on finding where the couple could not be and then combing other areas.

All of those rescued are currently in the hospital, but it is reported that amazingly they have not suffered frostbite. They are dehydrated and have suffered some exposure to the elements but are currently with their family and in good condition.

One of the children’s cousins said that “They just told me that they found them and that’s all I wanted to hear.”

It is a truly remarkable ending to what looked like a tragic story.  The Nevada couple who was missing since Sunday has been rescued and reported to be in good condition due to hiding out in their jeep and heating stones to stay warm against the sub-zero temperatures.

By Nick Manai



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