Duck Dynasty: Charlie Sheen Gives Phil Robertson Both Barrels on Twitter

Duck Dynasty: Charlie Sheen Gives Phil Robertson Both Barrels

The continuing controversy over Duck Dynasty and its patriarch Phil Robertson’s homophobic interview has caught the attention of Charlie Sheen who gave Robertson both barrels of a vitriolic and metaphorical shotgun on Twitter.

Sheen blasted the 67 year-old Robertson via a “twitlonger” application on his Twitter account. The 48 year-old Anger Management star opened his marathon-style tweet rant by calling Phil “mallard brained.” Charlie then goes on to state how offended he was by Robertson’s homophobic interview with GQ and that he should apologise for his remarks.

Twitter is Charlie Sheen’s weapon of choice and his calling out the Duck Dynasty “star” is pretty much apropos of the tiger’s blood actor’s behavior. The former Two and a Half Men star has used the microblogging site before to lash out at those who have irritated him.

Previous “victims” of Sheen’s Twitter vitriol have included his former wife Brooke Mueller; a Los Angeles judge; a young mother who decided to tell the world that she and Charlie were involved; and so on. Sheen is a larger than life individual who used his being fired from the Chuck Lorre show Two and a Half Men to self promote himself via media interviews. The eclectic rant style of Sheen’s interviews resulted in the actor becoming one of the most tweeted about celebrities of 2013.

Duck Dynasty network A&E suspended Phil Robertson after making homophobic statements in a GQ magazine interview. Charlie Sheen, as well as GLAAD and the LGBT community, reacted angrily to Robertson’s referring to gays as “homosexual offenders.” Giving the duck hunting reality star both barrels of his disdain and outrage on Twitter.

In his tweet rant, Sheen said that he was adding his voice to those whose complaints might go unheard. Robertson does have a certain amount of supporters among the Duck Dynasty audience. A petition started on has already recieved over 100,000 signatures from fans of the show who are not happy at A&E suspending Robertson.

The media backlash over Phil’s religious and political faux pas has been almost as immense as the Paula Deen debacle earlier this year. Deen’s television career as a celebrity cook came to a screeching halt after a lawsuit revealed the cook had used racist terms in the past. The 66 year-old TV cook lost her television programs and her business partners in the food industry.

Cracker Barrel Cheese have pulled some of their Duck Dynastyrelated merchandise after learning of Robertson’s interview and subsequent suspension from the A&E show. The food company feared that the incident may upset some of their customers.

Robertson’s remaining family members on the reality television show have stood behind him and bluntly told the network that without Phil there was no show. Charlie Sheen’s overlong ranting tweet stated that Robertson should only be seen in reruns of his television shows. Sheen knows of what he tweets, after being fired from Two and a Half Men he now only appears in the show via reruns. Although he does have a new series Anger Management, so things seemingly worked out in his favor.

Duck Dynasty may or may not get Phil Robertson reinstated, but, at least he has some supporters, Sarah Palin; Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and Camille Paglia have spoken out in support of Phil. Charlie Sheen has given both barrels of a vitriolic shotgun to the apparently homophobic Christian on Twitter. In retrospect, with Sheen being a Vatican ninja assassin, his ranting attack on Twitter is pretty low-key.

By Michael Smith
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15 Responses to "Duck Dynasty: Charlie Sheen Gives Phil Robertson Both Barrels on Twitter"

  1. yourmom949   December 25, 2013 at 4:58 am

    racist homophobic dirt bag, die already.

  2. BOB ELLIS   December 24, 2013 at 9:59 am


  3. Terry Urbas   December 24, 2013 at 9:04 am

    I understand that Charlie Sheen has faults we all so but I challenge you to hate the sin and not the sinner. Phil said exactly that in his interview in other words. We are Christians and all of us have fallen short and through Jesus we are forgiven. I pray that someday Charlie will find the Lord and devote his life to God. We need to pray everyday for those who are lost (our prodical sons). I stand with Phil but let us not forget who and what we are.

  4. Judy   December 23, 2013 at 5:25 pm

    I will pray for Charlie…but he is totally wrong trying to shovel dirt on Phil…Phil has repented his sins and now is washed in the Blood of Jesus. I pray that for Charlie.


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