Stress Release Techniques During Communications

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Communication is an art within itself when it comes to the subject of stress. In this technical age with communication occurring over electric lines as opposed to face-to-face, misunderstandings can easily emerge. Easily one thought could be intended by the sender with the receiver having a different take on the words that are received. If there is no further conversation on the subject, the result may not end favorably for the one in need. Unfortunately oftentimes, in such situations, too much time passes for the one experiencing the unintended consequences to alter the situation.

The speeds at which transmissions travel do not assist with such issues. The misunderstood correspondence most likely moved quickly, then as things in life go, at the other end a snails pace ensues. The person on the other end may be sitting attempting to avoid stress, while wondering if there is inner circle commentary going on in their favor.  Unsure of whether or not there are actions moving to assist them there is often no choice other than beginning again. Unfortunately a person may have planned out a path that will now be disrupted due to the mystery attached to the situation.

What is one to do? Perhaps the first step is to take whatever options are possible to rectify the issue. It may take a phone call or sending a message and waiting for the outcome. If there is a deadline connected to the issue, it may be best to proceed as if there were not any communications that were transmitted at all. If the later is the optimal choice, take an assessment before moving forward. This will prevent a domino affect of confusion from manifesting. One step at a time, plan what to do next.

Remember to breathe, visualize in the mind what is to be done. While painting a visual picture take in smooth even breaths to minimize stress. Breathe in through the nose and release through the mouth. Time breathing to equally balance inhaling and exhaling at the same rate. The proper breathing method is when breathing in the air travels down and fills the stomach first. It then fills the chest, the throat continuing until it is felt in the head. When the air is released it travels the same route as a balloon. The air leaves the stomach first, then the chest, throat, and the head.

Remember it is important to have the air flow in both directions for as close to the same amount of time as possible. This process along with feeling parts of the body relax simultaneously can effectively limit the expansion of stress through the body. When entering communication that may be stressful, utilizr this technique. In other words one can engage in between breaths as a verbal exchange occurs. Multitasking by using the breathing techniques while communicating can be an excellent method of decreasing stress build up quicker as the mind will have two different things to focus on that will take away from the distressing thoughts in the mind.


By Dada Ra


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