Five Reasons Twitter Is Better Than Facebook

twitterThere are five good reasons Twitter is better than Facebook.  Facebook and Twitter both have their place and both fill different needs, but Twitter is where it’s at.

  1. Twitter is a challenge with its 140-character limit. Remember being taught to keep writing clear and concise? Twitter helps with that by narrowing focus down to bare essentials. Some tweeters use shorthand (like “u” or “ur”), but getting the message across is much more challenging. Facebook doesn’t have a character limit.
  2.  Twitter has people from all walks of life. Anything can be found on Twitter. For news junkies, all the news outlets are on Twitter. Popular celebrities and comedians are here, also. Serious and even obscure topics can be discovered; it’s just a matter of typing in a word in the Search box. That’s it. Whether an introvert, extrovert, anarchist, artist, writer, sex worker or body contortionist, they can be found on Twitter.
  3. Facebook is best for keeping in contact with family and friends. Having friends on Twitter isn’t the same as having friends on Facebook. Facebook “friends” are people from grade or high school, or from old jobs. And then there is family. Twitter can be as addictive as chocolate or potato chips so going a day without Twitter is like going a day without a treat. It’s not quite the same effect with Facebook, which can actually be boring sometimes.
  4. Twitter is better for making new friends. Twitter isn’t anything like high school. (God, who wants to relive that?!) It is much easier to approach someone unfamiliar on Twitter and ask them questions. It’s a great platform for meeting new people as they are usually friendly and responsive; people love talking about themselves. Those who work in the homelessness sector, women of color going through different struggles and women with chronic pain and illnesses are especially wonderful to speak with. It is possible to feel more of a connection to humanity on Twitter than on Facebook, where people are already familiar, and where the occasional personal tidbit, pet snapshot or recipe is shared. Actually, what’s good about both platforms is that some people on Twitter can also migrate to Facebook. Some become friends for life.
  5. Twitter is just more fun. Simply put, Twitter is an exciting place to be. The glut of information in the span of 10 minutes can be overwhelming if someone has many followers, but this is the fun part of Twitter.  Because of the 140-character limit, it is easy to skim over tweets to get what’s needed. This is also where the Favorites feature comes in; people do use Favorites to save articles to read later.  Also, Twitter now has the Pocket (formerly Read It Later) button where tweets can be saved to read later.

So those are the five reasons Twitter is better than Facebook. Facebook accounts are usually best kept to friends and family; and Twitter is the playground for fun and exciting things to learn. Followers will only know as much as they are allowed to know. That’s part of the allure of Twitter.

By Juana Poareo

Red Pen of Doom

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