Fukushima Radiation Fallout Yakuza to Save the World?

Fukushima Radiation Fallout Yakuza to Save the World?

While Turner Radio Network has released a warning about possible Fukushima radiation fallout that could cover the U.S.A from coast-to-coast it appears that Japanese Yakuza are in line to save the world. On December 28 it was reported by Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) that steam was rising from the shattered remains of Reactor 3.

The Fukushima Diachi Nuclear Plant was hit by a one-two combination of an earthquake and tsunami that destroyed the plant and caused several nuclear meltdowns. The world watched in horror as radioactive fallout caused radiation levels to hit new record highs. Despite TEPCO maintaining a very low key approach to the whole disaster, the U.S.A provided help in the form of naval personnel from the USS Ronald Reagan and other support ships to help clear the area of contamination.

On the Reagan, an estimated 70 sailors are suffering from radiation exposure which has increased rates of various forms of cancer and other medical problems that appear to have no cure. Sailors from the ship, as well as the other support ships, are saying that TEPCO knowingly released radioactive steam into the atmosphere on top of all the radioactive contamination that spilled into the Pacific Ocean.

None of the reported instances of malfeasance by the Japanese electric company involved the Yakuza at that point, at least not that anyone is aware of. TEPCO is facing lawsuits for their callous mishandling of the situation and the Japanese government has levied criticisms at the company as well.

On December 19 this year it was noticed that steam was rising from what appeared to be the fifth floor of Reactor 3 and this steam has been coming out of the wreckage of the reactor intermittently since that date. On Dec. 28 TEPCO reported that the steam had been seen via cameras aimed at the area not just on Dec. 19, but also on the 24th and the 25th.

This disturbing development could be caused by several different factors, not least of which could be the start of another meltdown that could release more radioactive fallout in the atmosphere. This fallout could reach the West Coast of the U.S.A. in just three days. The Tokyo power company are continuing their low key approach and have not verified that another meltdown is imminent.

This latest development is playing out against a backdrop of near slavery being enforced on homeless denizens of Japan by the Yakuza. Black Market labor is big business in the country of Japan. Yakuza are recruiting cheap labor from the masses who huddle on cardboard pads clutching their clothing tight against the invading cold of Japanese winter. For the bargain basement price of around $60 a day, these workers are being used to handle and transport dangerous radioactive rods from the Fukushima Prefecture.

Fukushima Radiation Fallout Yakuza to Save the World?
Japanese government cracking down on Yakuza Black Market slave labor.

Arrests are being made daily, but, the result of a Yakuza conviction is a fine, commonly around $5,000. The price is not so prohibitive as to deter the Japanese mob from continuing their money making scam of charging top dollar for providing untrained laborers to handle nuclear rods. While the mind cowers from the thought of exposing innocents to the deadly rods, the danger of breaking the rods and spilling the pellets and causing another series of meltdowns doesn’t bear thinking about.

Companies that are legally providing manpower to help clean the contaminated area of the existing rods have said that if it were not for the Yakuza, the number of their workers would be severely limited. Recruiters for the Japanese mob bosses are offering up to $90 dollars a day for the work, but, their employees have to pay up to $50 for food and shelter out of that amount.

Contractors have explained that unless they cooperate with the gangs of Yakuza they have a hard time meeting their employment quotas. It seems that the disaster has placed the country in the position of using the criminal network to solve their problem because of the government’s stubborn refusal of help from other avenues.

The Japanese have always been, self-admittedly, xenophobic and their reaction to foreign countries offering aid is not surprising. Relying on the criminal underbelly for help will not allow the Yakuza to save the world from Fukushima radiation fallout. With the ever present danger of fuel rod damage causing further meltdowns because of mishandling, the world stands poised to become prey to an ecological disaster of global proportion.

Several scenarios have been put forward as to why Reactor 3 is suddenly, and intermittently, producing steam. The first scenario is that a meltdown is already taking place. The reactor still has 89 tons of spent fuel inside it which could be drying out and melting down.

Scenario two deals with the corium reaching groundwater and the melted down molten fuel has reached the soil underneath the reactor and is reacting with moisture in the soil and it is releasing more radioactive fallout. The third scenario, which is the most “desirable” of the three is that the damaged fuel rods and pellets have come in contact with rainwater.

Fukushima Radiation Fallout Yakuza to Save the World?
Scenario two reaching groundwater in soil after burning through pool.

While some websites have printed directions for those inhabitants of the West Coast who may or may not be affected by radioactive fallout in two to three days, the Yakuza continue to prey on Japan’s homeless population to provide slave labor to clean up the ongoing mess.

If the latest steam escaping from Reactor 3 is the result of further meltdowns, West Coast populations have been told to buy gas masks, duct tape and plastic sheeting. There are also instructions on what to do with the sheeting and tape, such as putting it over the inside of doors and windows, as well as what rating of mask to purchase.

Not everyone who has heard of the nuclear fallout time period prediction will rush out to purchase supplies from their nearest D.I.Y store. However, the idea of Yakuza slave labor being responsible for saving the world from Fukushima radioactive fallout migration is, in itself, frightening. It also makes the idea of safeguarding houses a precautionary measure of necessity instead of a hysterical knee jerk reaction. Meanwhile the clock keeps ticking as TEPCO wait to see what is causing the steam to rise from the destroyed reactor.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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