Kimye Named as Most Provacative Person of 2013

Kimye Named as Most Provacative Person of 2013

Kimye, the morphed name for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, has been named the most provocative person of 2013 by Showbiz Tonight.  The duo with the famous moniker tops the list of personalities who have caught the eye of the public in some crazy way during 2013.  Kardashian and West seem to be joined at the hip as a couple and qualify as one person on the list of famous names that have kept the headlines on fire.

Kardashian achieved many milestones during 2013, including finally getting divorced from her husband of 72 days, Kris Humphries.  West was along her side, more less leading the way as the couple seemed to be in the news around the clock.  Their travels, paparazzi escapades, the birth of their baby girl North in June, and the sexy motorcycle video gave them top billing on the list of most provocative people of 2013.

Now engaged after a spectacular proposal that cost West close to $2 million, including the 15 carat diamond ring, their every move seems to be documented and of interest for some reason.  West rented out the AT&T Park in San Francisco and hired a 50 piece symphony to show his love to his intended on her 33rd birthday.  Kardashian and West are simply commonly known as Kimye.  They have created a name for themselves as a couple, an entity within two individual lives that the world can not seem to get enough of.  Their public display of their abnormal and extravagant lives make them an easy pick to top Showbiz Tonight’s list.

No one could be surprised to see Miley Cyrus ranking at a close second, after Kimye.  Cyrus’ antics with twerking, selfies, licking sledgehammers and publically smoking funny stuff, has brought her fame and fortune well beyond the old days of Hannah Montana.  Everyday, Cyrus is only minutes away from another breaking news story as she touts drug use, minimal clothing and her free spirit.  She is far from being done as she gears up for another wild year.

Number three on the list goes to Alec Baldwin for his big mouth.  He says what he wants and rarely apologizes for his actions.  He is a very passionate, talented actor with a string of credits, yet is very protective when it comes to his family.  Not afraid to voice his beliefs, he has a temper and has been known to take swings at the paparazzi.  His latest slur against gays cost him his Up Late gig on NBC, which he will most likely recover from in a short time and continue on in his own style.

One of the most heartbreaking admissions came from sports icon Lance Armstrong.  After years of denying of blood doping and the use of performance enhancing drugs, he seemed contrite in his publicized interview with Oprah.  The disgraced and disqualified winner of seven Tour de France Cycling championships, was stripped of his awards and his dignity.  The lies he told make it hard to believe what he says now to be the truth.  It is sad to see this man make the list for such a reason.

Justin Bieber joins the line-up as his rise to fame has taken him in unseemly directions.  From just being totally self absorbed to doing what he pleases all over the world, he still mesmerizes his fans to the point where they follow him anywhere.  His fans have been deluded by his actions of pot smoking, urinating in mop buckets and on flags and just plain being weird.  Not to mention the monkey incident.  Bieber is number five on the most provocative list of 2013.

By this time, Kimye are looking pretty good at the top of the list.  In the midst of Hollywood hoopla and crazy stunts, senior citizen Johanna Rohrback made a name for herself.  She was named a surprise star by CNBC with her Prancercise work-out video, which went viral.  Always interested in health and fitness, the Floridian practices her holistic horse-like prancing routine with leg weights and enthusiasm.  Described as racy and even X-rated, her overnight success has earned her a spot on this provocative list.

Sadly, what started as a hoax, was bizarrely continued in this next twist of fate.  Manti Te’o, 22-year-old football player for the San Diego Chargers was a pawn in a catfish scheme.  He was wooed online by a would be lover which turned out to be a man.  Embarrassed, Te’o told his friends and family that his new girlfriend had died.  The story did not end, as there was never a girl and never a relationship.  The facts came out as Te’o slipped quietly into obscurity.

Women ran to their doctors after actress Angelina Jolie announced her double mastectomy as a health precaution.  She opted for the dramatic surgery by her own choice when she learned she carried the BRCA1 gene that could cause breast cancer.  After losing her mother to the disease, Jolie’s actions were viewed interestingly from all sides.  She made a personal decision for her own health, but as a well known celebrity, many followed in her footsteps or at least were tested for the gene.  The issue is still up for debate about normal procedures concerning breast health.

Dennis Rodman became buddies with a most unusual person.  In his quest for getting an exhibition game of NBA players, Rodman spent many hours chatting and getting his picture taken with Kim Jong Un of North Korea.  Jong is viewed as a dangerous man by many, but Rodman, the 52 year old American Hall of Fame basketball player likes to call him his friend.  Now that’s provocative.

Who could forget Miss Paula Deen?  The former Food Network star’s story can be recounted by most people, as she fell from the good graces of the public, due to racial slurs she voiced decades ago.  Her tears and apologies did little to restore her name as her mega-fortune slipped away.  Slowly Deen is recovering and the chef is moving on with new plans for 2014.

From Kimye to Deen, the list of the most provocative people are quite interesting with their own twists, twerks and tainted names.  Surprisingly, Beyoncé did not make the list, but she continues to make headlines daily with her spending and questionable videos.  The world is full of provacative people that could be easily included, but for now it stands official at the top ten for 2013.

By: Roanne H. FitzGibbon

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