Gay Rights: India Government Wants Court to Rethink Ban

India Government Wants Court to Rethink Gay Ban
The government of India wants The court to revise their decision on a gay ban. The Court has already announced their decision against gay relationships, citing, “Any relationship against the nature, should be considered illegal.” Since this announcement, the LGBT community in India is furious and parades are going on since then. Very Interestingly, the now back-footed government wants the court to rethink and revise their decision. Sonia Gandhi, the colossal pillar of Indian Government, acknowledged her heartache over the law.  Though, the  government desires to bring some fresh air opposing the gay banning law, it’s a far cry here. Still, the condition of Indian gay people remains the same. It is still a taboo over there.

Indian Government has reportedly asked to Delhi court to review the 153 yrs old law to stop victimizing gay people along with LGBT community. Still, sources doubt, if there is any use of the request. On 11th December, the court said gay relationship “a violent offence” and any law can not be changed so quickly based on some community. These words angered the community and protests followed since then. It seems that, India gay rights program is still a distant dream and the community has a long way to go. When a court wants to cling to age-old law and practice the mindset of 153 yrs earlier, it becomes really hard for people to live in there.

“The government has filed for revise petition on Section 377 in the Supreme Court today. Let’s hope the right to personal choices is preserved,”  Veteran Law Minister of India government Kapil Sibal tweeted on Friday. Not only Sibal, other leaders have also spoken up against the law.

In its petition filed in the Supreme Court, the government says “the position of the central government on this issue has been that the Delhi High Court verdict… is correct”. Indian government wants court to rethink about their staunch decision against gay rights and same-sex relationship. The government thinks, the court can’t violate the independence of a countryman; the 14th, 15th and 21st paragraph og the law truly violates the rule of nature.

In India a section of gay people live together, but they are few in number. Since court’s law on 11th December, many have given supports to the LGBT community but they also said, “We’re not gay.”

Though, gay rights activists considered the law as walking backwards, some political and religious groups welcomed the law very jovially. It somehow saddened gay people, but lion shared countrymen are still against the law. They can’t cope up with the idea of people in same-sex relationship; they still consider it “something against the nature.”

Truly, India is very conservative country. Even establishment of gay laws can do a little to change people’s behavior towards gay community; so, such announcements from court can only worsen the matters. Same sex relationship is still a taboo here. People don’t even talk about it that much. In US teens get bullied for being gay but, in India, they can’t even come out. What Indian government does now, is nothing but doing some favor to LGBT community to flourish the now draining vote bank. Their opposition, BJP, finally came out against the same-sex relationship. The congress supporters think, it will be harder for people if BJP comes in power.

The government of India wants the court the gay ban ruling while the gay rights movement is still on in India.The ruling sparked protests in many Indian cities with activists carrying rainbow-colored flags, festoons and placards accusing the Supreme Court of dragging the country back to the nineteenth century; some even wore typical gay masks and bands. Now, it’s up to the court, whether it will reverse the law or not. Love it or loathe it, India can’t just ignore it. Many countrymen still think, such laws will effeminate India’s position towards the world.

It’s very sad to think that even in 21st century, India is crazy enough to keep 1860s British colonial rule. India missions towards the and keeping faith in heterosexual relations only. The government now wants court to rethink about the gay ban decision. The court may legalize it, but it is nowhere close to be legalized in social circle.


Editorial by Jayeeta Shamsul

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  1. Ben Richardson   December 23, 2013 at 9:28 am

    The courts need to first understand what is actually against nature first. Homosexuality is not one of them. Please learn about nature better.


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