George Zimmerman Takes eBay by Storm With Painting

George Zimmerman Takes eBay by  Storm with Painting

It may be hard to believe but George Zimmerman has taken eBay by storm while equipped with a paintbrush and a painting of a blue U.S. flag.

The former neighborhood watchman publicized an original painting of his that is up for sale on the Internet auction site. So far it has pulled in thousands of dollars in bids.

The signed painting of an American flag painted in blue was listed on Monday. It had a beginning bid of $50 before quickly and, some say, shockingly rising to a bewildering $15,000 under the user name “theRealGeorgeZ.”

Zimmerman’s brother, Robert, did confirm the authenticity of artwork to the general public. He said that the painting was indeed from his brother and that George had put it up on eBay in order to sell it to earn money for himself.

Zimmerman himself stated that everyone was asking what he has been doing with himself. He stated that he has found an artistic way to express himself, how he feels and the signs which represent the experiences he has been through.

He added that his artwork allows him to be able to reflect and gives him a therapeutic opening. It also allows him to stay indoors. He stated that he hoped whoever bought his painting would enjoy owning it as much as he enjoyed producing it. He signed it “Your friend, George Zimmerman,” and his signature is included with the painting.

The painting includes a Pledge of Allegiance verse. It is “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

When the painting price had risen to $15,000, it had 52 bidders listed as wanting to get their hands on Zimmerman’s artwork. It just continues to increase in price.

The more money it brings in, the bigger the purchase it becomes, and the happier the Christmas holiday will be for George Zimmerman. His yet-to-be-paid legal fees were said to be at last report $2.5 million at least.

Bidding on the painting is scheduled to end on Dec. 22. If anyone is interested, they’d better go check it out.

Zimmerman, age 30, had basically been, for the most part, in hiding since he had been acquitted in the shooting death of teenager Trayvon Martin back in July of this year.

It was not until he ended up being arrested for assault after a described fight with his new girlfriend at her Florida home in Nov. of this year that he ended up in the public eye once again.

These charges were later dropped after Zimmerman’s girlfriend, who was allegedly confronted by the eBay painter with a shotgun in her face, decided not to press any charges against him.

The blue flag painting measures 18″ x 24″ in size and is listed as coming from Sanford. It is promised to arrive by Dec. 26.  It is being sent out just a day late for a Christmas present.

Leave it to George Zimmerman to paint a blue flag and end up taking eBay by storm.

By: Kimberly Ruble

N.Y. Daily News

Houston Chronicle

ABC News

2 Responses to "George Zimmerman Takes eBay by Storm With Painting"

  1. JD   December 17, 2013 at 7:37 pm

    Even if they are fake, George Zimmerman is getting a staggering amount of publicity. He can sell his painting in another venue, and everything considered it may bring much more than a $100,000.

    George Zimmerman could do other paintings, one which comes to mind would be of Trayvon as he looked from George’s position when Trayvon was standing over him. That image could be contrasted with the image the Scheme Team was selling the public of a 12 year old in Hollister or a 15 year old in a white hoodie, both of which were meant to deceive.

  2. jayquintana   December 17, 2013 at 3:30 am

    The bids are FAKE, people. Check out the bidding history on eBay. If you sell a lot there, you can tell real bidding from fake ones very easily.

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