Georgia Williams Killer Given Whole-Life Jail Term

Georgina WilliamsThe killer of Georgina Williams has been given a whole-life jail term during a sentencing appearance today. Jamie Reynolds was convicted of hanging 17-year-old Williams at her home after admitting to the offence.

According to David Crigman QC, the prosecutor on the case, 23-year-old Reynolds was fascinated by extreme violence against females. The life term came after warnings that there were risks of him going on to be a serial killer. The prosecution wanted the whole life sentence as a way to protect future possible victims.

Psychiatric assessments were needed on Reynolds, which all agreed there was the potential to kill more women. His computer had 72 videos and 16,800 images of extreme pornography. Some of the images included ropes being digitally added to the necks of the woman. There were also a range of short stories that graphically told how women suffered fatal assaults.

Among the images were those of Williams, staged at various parts around his home. According to the prosecution, Williams was at the house as a model for his amateur photography. She had no idea what she was getting herself into.

Williams had told her parents that she was staying with friends, but they got worried and filed a police report when she did not return after two days.

Her parents were there when Williams’ killer was given the whole-life jail term.

By Alexandria Ingham