Grieving Pastor Commits Suicide: Mom and Son Watch

Pastor Ed Montgomery Commits Suicide After His Wife DiesPastor Ed Montgomery of the Full Gospel Christian Assemblies International Church committed suicide in the presence of his mother and son. He couldn’t manage to get over his deceased wife and said he constantly heard her voice and footsteps.

Montgomery fatally shot himself inside of his Matteson home on Saturday as his loved ones pleaded for him to put the gun down. His mother had stopped by to check on him and his son; she had no idea what she was walking into. Montgomery held a gun to his head as his son continuously screamed, “Dad don’t do it, please don’t do it.”

The Illinois pastor buried his wife last December and has had a very hard time trying to navigate life without her. Montgomery and his deceased wife, Prophetess Jackie, both served at the church for many years in various capacities.

The Christian Post acquired official incident records from the Matteson Police Department. These records confirmed details surrounding the tragic death of Montgomery. Reportedly, this grieving pastor took his own life while paramedics and police waited outside the home.

The report also contained details of the mental anguish and struggle that Montgomery has endured since his wife’s untimely death. His wife, Jackie, died from an inconclusive brain aneurysm December 2012; exactly one year prior to his unfortunate demise. Records explained that his anguish worsened drastically during these past two weeks and Grieving Pastor Commits Suicide While Mom and Son Watchculminated with him ending his own life.

During a standoff with his family the pastor said that the pain he’s been dealing with was unbearable and he had no desire to continue living. He told his loved ones that he hadn’t slept in on a month and couldn’t do it anymore.

With the gun that ended his life held up to his head, Montgomery let them know that he could not go on. He told them that ending his life would be best. He asked them not to call anyone because he did not wish to live any longer without his wife.

According to the report, Montgomery’s mother had reached out in an attempt to get help for her son; but to no avail.

Founder and senior pastor, Apostle Ron Wilson, said his church is devastated by the news of Montgomery’s suicide.

Wilson said that he had no knowledge of the depth of Montgomery’s depressed state because he didn’t see any signs of trouble whenever he was in his presence. Wilson said it was completely hidden from the church family. Wilson said whenever Montgomery was around his countenance seemed as if he was getting through it. Suicide tendencies were the last thing he would have expected Montgomery to be dealing with.

Wilson alleged over time Montgomery began missing church so it became difficult to know what was going on with him. They assumed he just needed time to get it together and when he was absent they tried to respect his privacy. Wilson said nothing about his actions or expressions suggested that he was contemplating suicide.

Wilson said Montgomery may have attended church once every month after the passing of his wife and then just stopped Grieving Pastor Commits Suicide While Mom and Son Watchcompleted. He said the church family kept trying to contact him but he refused communications. Wilson said he, along with his church, bombarded him with phone calls and texts but Montgomery didn’t want to be reached.

He went on to say if he had gotten one phone call about his serious state of depression he would have demanded to see him; but he was never informed. According to Wilson, Montgomery’s church family did all they could and were there for him; but he wouldn’t let them help.

Sandy Davis, a telecommunications supervisor at MetroSouth Medical Center where Jackie last worked, said this is just heartbreaking. She said the Ed she knows would never have left his family this way. Davis said he loved his family and she’s not sure what to make of all of this.

Davis said she was not a member of the church were the Montgomery and Jackie served but did visit with them on occasions when Jackie asked her. She said Montgomery was a very compassionate, caring and nice man; it just doesn’t seem real.

Davis said Montgomery and his wife had opened a business, Chateau Sylora Banquet Hall, together in May 2011. After his wife died, Montgomery seemed to have lost interest in the business.

Davis, a long time family friend, said the family is taking it really hard; especially coupled with the anniversary of Jackie’s death. It’s a lot to deal with and they need a lot of prayer, said Davis.

Pastor Ed Montgomery of the Full Gospel Christian Assemblies International Church allegedly fatally shot himself inside of his Matteson home on Saturday. He committed suicide right in front of his mother and son as police and paramedics waited outside.

Montgomery said he constantly heard footsteps and his deceased wife’s voice and could no longer live without her. Apostle Ron Wilson will eulogize the Illinois Pastor on Monday, December 9.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

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