Heisman Trophy 2013: Jameis Winston and 5 Contenders Prepare for New York

Jameis Winston, one of six hopefuls for the 2013 Heisman Trophy.

Heisman Trophy results for 2013 might be a bit anti-climactic as Jameis Winston and five other contender prepare to head to New York in anticipation of the weekend ceremony. The votes are in, candidates set, and the city of New York is preparing for a influx of football fanatics to usher in another winner of college football’s most prestigious award. Six finalist, a record, were selected Monday to head to the award ceremony taking place this Saturday. Although it may have been an honor to be named for the event, the top spot appears to be already named and claimed as a consensus public opinion seems to favor Jameis Winston as a shoe in for this year’s Heisman Trophy.

Although it appears that only formalities stand between Winston and the Heisman trophy itself there are some other exceptional talents that will be joining him in New York this weekend, and as unlikely as it is that a name other than Winston’s will receive the top spot, stranger things have happened. A non-Winston winner however would be so strange that it would shock even those who have set the betting odds for the outcome. Winston’s bid for the Heisman is so convincing that he is the only one of the candidates that received individual betting odds, while the five others were simply grouped together as “the field.”

The six impressive talents heading to New York include Jameis Winston (QB) of Florida State, Jordan Lynch (QB) of Northern Illinois, Tre Mason (RB) of Auburn, Andre Williams (RB) of Boston College, Johnny Manziel (QB) of Texas A&M, and AJ McCarron (QB) of Alabama.

Jameis Winston, the redshirt freshman for FSU, is perhaps the most impressive and the most unexpected of the bunch. Nobody knew what to expect, and thus it came as a most welcome surprise for Florida State fanatics that the kid came out of the gates and helped the team shred its competition while authoring an outstanding statistical record. To cap the unexpected success, Winston lead the team to an undefeated season and a berth in the BCS National Championship game. The young talent has the numbers to make him the favorite and the undefeated season is just another positive note strengthening his chances heading into the awards ceremony. Winston hopes to be the second freshman, following Manziel’s win in 2012, to take home the Heisman.

The five others, dubbed by odds-makers as simply “the field,” are not to be discounted as average. The stellar results Winston has posted highlight his capability and talent, but “the field” is bringing exceptional results and talent into the mix as well. Manziel’s invitation for the second year in a row, after winning in 2012, speaks to his outstanding season and consistency season over season.

Lynch put in a herculean attempt for the Heisman as he nearly led Northern Illinois all the way to a BCS bid. Though he fell just short, he did manage to set a quarterback rushing record this season ringing in 1,815 when it was all said and done.

McCarron and Mason both expressed their excitement and stated that they were honored to be chosen as candidates. Tre Mason has made an impressive recent push to be considered a candidate, as he was not on anybody’s radar but posted amazing results as the voting deadline fast approached.

Finally, Andre Williams, at 175 yards per game is the nations leading rusher and impressively landed himself a 2000 yard season.

“The field,” as they are now affectionately referred to by betters and odds-makers, did have some movement as the deadline came to a close. Manziel and Lynch experienced some hiccups in their bids, while others like Mason came out of nowhere to be considered for the award. That being said, the Heisman favorite Winston did not make it to being the top bid without some controversy of his own.

Winston’s off-field activities nearly derailed his bid for this years Heisman award. Just recently, a sexual assault charge stemming from an incident which took place about a year ago, made its way to the state attorney’s office and stood to land Winston in quite a bit of hot water. A woman had claimed that the college quarterback had raped, while Winston and his attorney’s maintained that the sex was consensual. The case was resolved without charges being filed, and throughout the dilemma Winston continued to litter his stat sheet with impressive results.

Now that it is all said and done, he stands a favorite as the headlines read, “Heisman Trophy 2013: Jameis Winston and 5 contenders prepare for New York.”

By Daniel Worku

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