Human Evolution the Result of a Chimpanzee-Pig Pairing?

Human Evolution
Human Evolution Hypothesized to be Result of Chimpanzee-Pig Pairing

Human evolution may be the result of the ancient mating of a female chimpanzee and a male pig, at least according to one of the world’s top geneticists just this week.  Dr. Eugene McCarthy, known as a leading authority in the field of animal hybridization, revealed his controversial hypothesis through an article on the website

Dr. McCarthy suggests that rather than having its roots in the primate family alone, human evolution may stem from a crossover between chimpanzees and pigs. He bases this claim in part on that fact that while humans are genetically close to chimpanzees, they also have many physical traits that are quite distinct from chimpanzees.  And in fact, traits that are quite distinct from all other primates.

He reasons that because these traits that distinguish humans from all other primates exist, that a primate, most likely a chimpanzee, must have cross-bred with a non-primate at some point in human evolutionary history.  Further, he asserts that all of the traits present in humans to distinguish them from chimpanzees are also present in only one other animal, the common pig. Thus leading him to the conclusion that there is at least a possibility that a chimpanzee-pig pairing occurred eventually leading to human evolution as a result.

Dr. McCarthy appears to understand that this claim will seem outrageous to many and takes care to provide explanation for some of the arguments he is likely to face. For example, he preemptively explains that it would not, in fact, be impossible for a female chimpanzee and a male pig to mate. He admits that it may seem unlikely on the surface, but states that it is anatomically possible and that the typical behavior patterns of the two animals do not rule it out either.  Further, while hybrid species will often produce sterile offspring, this is not an absolute rule and if the hybrid species does manage to survive, it is likely to have  greatly improved fertility rates down the line through the process of natural selection.

Dr. McCarthy  offers  additional support for his hypothesis of human evolution by asking others to consider the fact that the organs of the pig are becoming commonly used as a part of human medical treatment. Transplantation of pig skin and pig heart valves are standard treatments for some human medical conditions.  McCarthy also suggests that humans’ hairless skin, long eyelashes, the presence of a thick layer of subcutaneous fat, protruding noses and the occurrence of light-colored eyes point to the pig as a likely ancestor in the long road of human evolution.

Dr. McCarthy’s hypothesis is obviously a controversial one and would turn the entire notion of evolution as we know it upside down if proven to be true.  Dr. McCarthy has had difficulty getting a publisher for his work on the idea that human evolution is the result of a chimpanzee-pig pairing, and so is publishing the ideas on his own via  He believes, however, that a hybridization explanation for human evolution would go a long way toward explaining previously unexplainable phenomena under Darwin’s evolutionary theory alone.

By Michele Wessel


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5 Responses to "Human Evolution the Result of a Chimpanzee-Pig Pairing?"

  1. Pherf   October 5, 2015 at 10:58 pm

    I love the fact that there are academics willing to think beyond the safe boundaries of established theory and prod into the dark gaps in our knowledge. This theory on the surface at least is as valid as Darwin’s. If anything it builds on it. The idea of porcine ancestry is at least as interesting as lateral evolution.

  2. UKMerv   December 8, 2013 at 6:36 am

    Garbage? Tripe? No one takes this seriously? I say well done for publishing this article, and well done Dr McCarthy for having the courage to make his meticulous research public. Yes it goes against the grain that animals from different Orders can procreate, and that viable offspring can result from hybridisation. It does however offer an explanation why no intermediate fossils have been discovered of transitional species, a puzzling aspect for Darwin himself. Yes it needs to be proven, if it can be proven. Or proven otherwise, if it can be proven otherwise. We obviously share traits with other primates, but Darwin met with similar opposition when he had the courage to suggest we were related. And the traits we do not share with other primates all point to porcine ancestry. While not convinced, I have yet to read a scholarly debunking of the theory, but as technology advances our as yet infantile understanding of genetics, it is exciting to live in an age when we may soon have the answers

  3. Kenny A. Chaffin   December 7, 2013 at 6:27 pm

    Stop promoting pseudoscience. This is not something that has been acknowledged by any true scientist. This is garbage.

  4. stooshie   December 7, 2013 at 12:16 pm

    Humans have a common ancestor with modern pigs. We also have a common ancestor with modern chimps. At the time at which humans started to become something that could mate with modern humans (which is how a species is defined) modern chimps and modern pigs were only just starting to evolve as well.

    We are cousins of chimps and monkeys, not their descendants.

  5. Bob Céitinn   December 7, 2013 at 8:19 am

    Why print this tripe? No one takes what he says seriously but you give him a very friendly writeup. Very poor form. I’m talking to you DiMarkco Chandler.


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