Indiana Man Beats Wife and Daughter of Former Boss to Death

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An Indiana man, Christian Haley, age 20, who was furious over being fired from his job, was arrested for fatally beating the wife and daughter of his former boss, Indiana State police have said.

Haley lived in Indianapolis and was arrested on Thursday for allegedly murdering Marylyn Erb, age 52 and Kelley Erb, age 23, the wife and daughter, respectively, of freelance contractor Todd Erb, reported Westfield, Indiana police.

The suspect now is facing two counts of felony murder and one count of robbery, along with charges of burglary and theft. Haley allegedly killed the two women inside their home located near the area of 161st Street and Oak Park Court in the suburbs of Westfield, Indianapolis.  The women died after suffering blunt trauma to their heads on Dec. 20. Haley then allegedly stole the credit cards of each female. The suspect reportedly used the cards for various purchases around the area, with the assistance of an unidentified male.

The police are reporting that Haley was fired from the landscaping company known as Sundown Gardens because of his poor attendance record back in June of this year. Allegedly, Haley was enraged by the decision and decided to rob the house of his former boss, Todd Erb, to enact revenge against the man.

While he was there, police investigators allege Haley killed both the wife and daughter of Erb.

One of Haley’s acquaintances supposedly noticed the murder victim’s credit cards being used inside in a store on Christmas Eve.

The alleged co-conspirator stated that Haley wanted to shoot Erb’s home up because he had fired him from the landscaping business.

The man explained to police that Haley admitted to him that he had murdered the two women but that Haley was laughing while he was telling the story, so the accomplice did not know if Haley was telling the truth or not.

Indiana State Police said that Marylyn and Kelley Erb were both struck with a cement block to the head.

Haley allegedly then stole earrings, an iPhone, a gold necklace and two Chase credit cards from the Erb household.

Police released store camera video footage of the purchase by the alleged suspect and co-conspirator. It was this footage that delivered an anonymous tip to officials to identify each person of interest. This led to Haley’s arrest, stated the police department.

Erb found his dead family when he returned home from work on Dec. 20 and he proceeded to call police. His wife and daughter were in the basement of their Indiana home in a pool of blood.

Westfield, Indiana Mayor Andy Cook stated on Thursday evening police were working tirelessly around the clock to try and solve such an irrational crime. He added that the small city prided itself on being named one of the finest places to live and also one of the safest towns in the U.S. The quick work of the police over the past few days shows the city’s intent to immediately capture a suspect trolling their streets, who may had the opportunity to hurt someone else.

Since Haley has been through his arraignment, his family has asked for privacy, due to the legal process.

The murders happened during what the city calls, an increase of break-ins and violence in the otherwise, quiet Indiana suburb. Officials point to the rise of gangs in the city as culprits of the increasing crime wave.

Marylyn and Kelley Erb were buried this past Friday, Dec. 27.

Christian Haley will remain in jail without bond.


By Kimberly Ruble


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