Indonesia Flees to Escape Mount Sinabung Volcano Blazes

Indonesia is Facing yet Another Violent Blaze with Mount Sinabung Eruption
Over 19,000 people in Indonesia have fled to escape the volcano blazes of Mount Sinabung located in Kebayaken village at Karo district, on the western island of Sumatra. It warned the people when it ejected ash Dec. 4, 2013, then Monday evening it erupted, dangerously hurling blazing rocks and ash 7,000 meters towards the sky. This volcano in Indonesia has been erupting gradually for months, and  launched lava repeatedly throughout Monday night – up to nine times – into the daylight of Dec. 31, a public official stated.

Police have warned everyone to stay at least five kilometers away from the crater.

As of Monday evening, 19,126 people fled their homes, and emergency officials are expecting that number to rise as Indonesia’s citizens do whatever possible to avoid the volcano blazes.

The extent of danger is so extreme that police and soldiers are patrolling the area to enforce evacuation of anyone who has remained in their homes.

There are numerous volcanoes like Mount Sinabung which are considered active and potentially dangerous in Indonesia, extending over dominant tectonic fault lines. These lines are called the “Ring of Fire.”   Mount Sinabung spewed lava and ash starting in Sept. 2013, and had been quiet for about two years, but once it started erupting, it kept intensifying.

Indonesia has been fraught with other catastrophic volcanoes, such as the one in August.  In this instance five deaths and hundreds of people had to flee their homes on the little island of province East Nusa Tenggara when a volcano started to spew dangerous lava and rocks.

In recent years, the most volatile eruption that killed 350 people was Mount Merapi in central Java.  It had multiple violent ejections in 2010.

On Dec. 31, the last day of 2013, Indonesia is fleeing the rising danger of Mount Sinabung volcano blazes, an experience that they know too well from previous volcanic eruptions in their country.

By Danelle Cheney

Malaysian Insider

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