Israel Airstrike Kills Four Year Old Girl

IsraelA four-year-old girl has been killed in an airstrike in Israel. Areas of Gaza were hit on Tuesday, according to medical and security forces.

Israel explained that a sniper from Gaza had killed an Israeli on the border. According to the Israeli military, an Israeli was killed while performing maintenance on the fence that separates the country from the Palestinian territory. Israel refused to allow it to happen without retaliation.

Israeli sources state that the man was a civilian, but Hamas claim that he was a soldier.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu explained that the policy has always been to respond to these threats through force, and that was not going to change.

The airstrikes hit the al Qassam Brigade camps and nearby areas. One of the areas struck contained home of the young girl. Three family members were also hurt during the attack. Other areas attacked included an empty training camp and empty field, according to Hamas sources. Hamas stated that the training camps had already been evacuated after the killing of the Israeli.

A Maghazi refugee camp was also hit. In total, 11 people were injured. One person, the four-year-old girl, was killed during the Israel airstrike.

By Alexandria Ingham


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