Miley Cyrus Strikes Again: Nearly Nude in New Video Teaser

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is at it again. Her latest antics include appearing nearly nude and writhing while caressing her body in a teaser released for the upcoming video featuring her song “Adore You.” Viewers are calling it “her most revealing and provacative” work yet.

The brief teaser clip for the upcoming video is available on YouTube and Cyrus herself has released a few shots of it via her Instagram account. So far it appears that the video features Cyrus nearly nude, donning only skimpy lingerie, rolling around under a bed sheet and apparently bringing herself a good deal of pleasure. What’s been seen of the video has been called “visually stunning” and includes aerial views as well as x-ray and home video filters which give it a more intimate feel.

The full length video will premiere via VEVO on Thursday and is expected to draw attention not only from adoring fans but from critics of the recently controversial pop princess as well.

Cyrus’s last video release for “Wrecking Ball” attracted a storm of attention from both fans and critics alike. In it, Cyrus appeared, again, virtually naked, swinging on a wrecking ball whilst also finding the time to lick a sledge hammer. The “Wrecking Ball” video annihilated previous records for most-watched video in a 24-hour viewing period on the internet. Vevo saw more than 16 million viewers taking in the video within the first 24 hours of its release.  Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” knocked One Direction out of the previously-held top spot. Vevo no doubt has high hopes that the new video for “Adore You” will be even more successful.

“Wrecking Ball” has been rumored to be aimed at Cyrus’s long-time on again-off again boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth. The couple broke up shortly before it’s release. Cyrus has put on at least two noted teary-eyed performances of the hit since then, adding fuel to the rumors that Hemsworth was her inspiration.

Cyrus has attracted plenty of attention for her antics outside of her music video performances in recent months as well, leaving many to ask, just what won’t she do for stardom? The real fun began last summer when her wild tongue wagging performance of “We Can’t Stop” was followed up with a  twerking, masturbation simulation in collaboration with Robin Thicke  on his song “Blurred Lines” at MTV’s Video Music Awards in August. Her antics overshadowed the talent of every other act that night and made headlines for weeks.

It’s been ongoing from there. At the European Video Music Awards she famously showed off her body again and followed up a win for Best Video by lighting up a joint on stage. She has since been quoted as saying that “weed is the best drug on Earth.” She’s even managed to squeeze an online feud with singer-songwriter Sinead O’Connor into her busy schedule. Not to mention twerking with Santa Claus during a performance in an apparent effort to bring fans a bit of holiday cheer.

Cyrus has made a name for herself, for better or worse, in 2013.  Judging from what’s been seen in the video teaser just released, her nearly nude new performance is sure only to strike up yet another wave of attention for the young star.

By Michele Wessel


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