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Japan Cat Burglar Stole $185,000 Worth of Goods to Feed 120 Cats [video]

Japan Cat Burglar Stole $185,000 Worth of Goods to Feed 120 CatsThis Japanese guy loves cats so much, he went on a rampant crime spree for a whole year, stole a haul of goods worth about $185,000, all to feed 120 cats  in Japan on a luxury gourmet diet.  Dogs would definitely laugh sarcastically at this story if they only could and other cats would be extremely jealous.

Mamoru Demizu, 48, lives in Japan.  According to police, he is a suspect in several robberies.  Police say he is most probably guilty of breaking into peoples’ homes to steal jewels and cash on around 32 separate occasions.

When the police asked him why, he said he stole things to get enough money to keep scores of his most precious feline friends in the very best of food.  According to Demizu he has been spending up to 25,000 yen (or about $250) a day on their gourmet diet.

One police officer told the media that Demizu said he felt at his happiest when he could rub his cheek against his cats.

Now it must be borne in mind that Demizu is actually unemployed and he only keeps 20 cats in his own home in Izumi City, Osaka Prefecture in western Japan.  However, he has several more housed comfortably in a nearby warehouse, in fact around his immediate neighborhood, he is feeding around 100 more very lucky stray cats.

So along the way this cat burglar in Japan managed to steal an accumulated $180,000 worth of luxury items and cash to feed said 120 cats in the manner to which they had become accustomed.

According to police, Demizu made his rounds in a car between midnight and 4 a.m., distributing the fish, chicken and other tasty items to the cats.  No cheap canned food for these favored felines, they received only the very best fresh and tasty food.

Demizu told them that he starting keeping his own cats in 1993, and in 2010 started giving his leftover food to strays in the area.  Then in 2011, he lost his job, but carried on feeding the cats with money he obtained from a woman that he was living with at the time.

However, he said that the number of cats he fed gradually increased and eventually he ran short of cash.  That’s when his crime spree began.

Demizu then started repeatedly breaking into homes in Izumi during the daylight hours, using unlocked windows that he found by chance, or by finding keys hidden outside the homes (it seems people put spare keys under the mat in Japan too).

While he admitted his crimes back in September this year, Demizu’s arrest and indictment were announced December 11.

What happened to all those cats?  Unfortunately there is nothing in the media to tell us of their fate, but probably they are back to hunting rats and mice.  Just imagine 120 cats in Japan, no longer being treated like the royalty they think they are.

Hopefully someone will take pity on their plight, preferably without having to steal $185,000 of luxury items like a cat burglar to do so.  In the meantime, we can all enjoy the little ditty below about stray cats.

By Anne Sewell

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