Justin Bieber’s New Movie Would Be Torture Says Selena Gomez

Justin BieberThere has been a lot of speculation in the tabloids recently pondering whether or not Justin Bieber will retire from music, but one thing is certain, his old flame is far from moving on. A source close to Selena Gomez has said that the twenty-one year old star is doing everything she can to stay out of Bieber’s path and that apparently includes seeing his new movie. Selena Gomez says that seeing Bieber’s new movie would be torture.

The source said that while Selena is definitely enticed to go see Bieber’s new movie, but that it would be “way too painful for her at this point… She’s not over their breakup.”

It is the kind of statement that is at the same time completely relatable for fans of Gomez who are not stars, but also a situation that could never be imagined if you are not Selena Gomez. Certainly most people have experienced the kind of heartbreak she must be feeling, but who can imagine having to, not only life with the memory of your ex, but also with his image on the silver screen.

“She’s trying to put her focus anywhere but on Justin,” the source said, a proposition that must be easier in practice than it is in actual reality. A lot of people fail going entire days without hearing Bieber’s name and they have never even met him. Imagine how much harder focusing on something else must be when the something you’re avoiding is a star like Justin Bieber.

To make matters worse Bieber’s new movie is titled Believe and is supposed to be very personal, even including references to his romance with Gomez. The kind of emotional tie Gomez has to this movie should make her reasons for saying that it would be torutre to see Bieber in it all the more relatable for her fans.

Bieber has also admitted that he has been in love before and that it was the most powerful thing for him. Many believe this is a reference to Gomez. He has also said in interviews that he still has feelings for Gomez and that he even wrote a song for her. Although it is probably not intentional, Bieber is really not making Gomez’s plan any easier.

The song is called “All That Matters” and is said to be about their relationship.

Selena Gomez has not stayed silent however when it comes to Bieber. Although her comments have been reported only through close sources, they still reveal a lot of emotion.

“Selena still loves Justin,” one comment ran. “But she will not be reaching out to him.”

Another comment definitively states that she is “purposefully” not speaking with him at this moment in an effort to win him back. Gomez hopes that when Bieber sees what life is like without her he will want to get back together.

Again, it sounds like a familiar script to many who have been in bad breakups, but is radically altered by each person’s stardom. Gomez will never be completely gone from Bieber’s life, after all, he will have to talk about her and see her picture for many months to come.

Bieber’s new movie Believe opens on Christmas Day. Now fans know one thing Gomez will not be doing, as she said it would be torture to see the Bieber up on the screen. Hopefully she finds something better to focus her attention on.

By Nick Manai




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  1. Daisy Flores   December 24, 2013 at 2:14 pm

    This is crazy!! Yea they has a two year relationship and it’s hard for her to get over him but seriously Selena Gomez needs to move on she making it sound like she’ll never find love with someone else it gets me mad that she acting like this she’s so talented pretty and makes good music YES she will find another guy I honestly hope Jelena doesn’t get back together they both need to explore different and stop acting like baby’s!! I love them both ❤️

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