Kanye Should Consider Taking Kim’s Last Name [video]

Kanye needs to consider changing his last name to KardashianKanye should seriously consider taking Kim’s last name or changing his to West-Kardashian. He keeps proving over and over that he can dish trash talk but can’t take it. This angry rapper, who has now compared his work to the dangers of a police officer or a war participant, can’t handle a simple heckler.

During his performance in Texas on Sunday, as he was wearing his infamous chain-linked Maison Martin Margiela mask; which he has worn lately for a segment in every one of his gigs, encountered a heckler.

This female “fan” began yelling from the front row for Kanye to take off the mask. Well, Kanye West-Kardashian didn’t like it and didn’t allow it to continue. He became so infuriated by her actions that he signaled for his security team to remove her from the venue.

Could this be the same guy that jumped up on stage and ripped the microphone out of an innocent and young Taylor Swift’s hands during her award acceptance speech? Or the same Kanye that former president, George W. Bush, attributed the worst moment of his presidency to? Yes, that’s him.

Kanye is the same guy who compared himself with the likes of Jesus when he posed on a 2006 Rolling Stone cover in a crown of thorns; but he can’t handle a heckler. In 2009 he announced he was going to change his name to Martin Louis the King, Jr. after he designed a high-top sneaker for luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton. Many of his fans and critics alike failed to understand how designing a shoe could compare to the late Martin Luther King, Jr.; but somewhere in Kanye’s delusional thought process they were relational.

He recently made attempts to put himself in the same category; if not greater than the former South African President and liberator, Nelson Mandela, during an interview. He was quoted by The Daily Currant as saying that he liberates minds with his music. He went on to state that this is more important than freeing a few folks from apartheid or whatever. Once he realized that anything that slightly compares him to this renowned world leader would not be tolerated he, again, took to social medial in hopes of setting the record straight.

Kanye claimed that recent media reports were a lie. He said he has great respect for Mandela, his family and legacy. The rapper said he never said anything that would trivialize or dishonor the life or death of one of the world’s most inspirational leaders. Kanye went on to state that while he was young his mother emphasized the importance of Mandela’s work and sacrifice. He ended his attempt to rectify or, as he would like his fans to believe, clarify his arrogance by saying thank you to Mandela for his life’s work.

The problem Kanye has is he wants to be labeled with the greats who have truly sacrificed their lives for the greater good of humanity but can’t even take a little criticism. During Kanye’s Glow in the Dark tour a writer from Entertainment Weekly named Chris Wilson gave his show a B+ and somehow that set him off. He immediately went into attack mode; on social media, of course.

Kanye consistently displays very little self-control. He is known to go off on these emotional rants which serve no purpose. Many of his antics not only come across as juvenile but as if they are more closely related to the female gender of society. Kanye either needs to harness his emotional outbursts or consider changing his last name to Kim’s.

A fan posted a video online which reveals Kanye stopping his performance to signal his security team to eject this heckler from his show. Once the woman was kicked out of the venue Kanye didn’t stop there. He continued his rant to ensure that the remaining supporters knew exactly who he is; or is not.

Kanye raised a question to the audience, in respect to his heckler, as to whether or not he looks like a M-F-ing comedian. He went on to say, “Don’t f-ing heckle me, I’m Kanye M-F-ing West.”

Kanye believes that he puts his life at risk daily, like a police officer or as if he was in a war, but if he could harness his emotions he wouldn’t have to worry as much about something happening to him.

It’s obvious that he’s delirious if he really thinks his work ranks up there with the dangers of a police officer, a soldier or even the great historians who have altered mankind. Perhaps, what Kanye has failed to realize is his actions constantly suggest that maybe he should consider adding Kardashian to his last name or simply changing it altogether to Kim’s.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

Entertainment Wise

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