Sub-Zero Temps Escalate Search for Missing Nevadans

Sub Zero Temps
Mountainous Terrain

Rescue teams searched Monday night in sub-zero temps looking for signs of the black top Jeep, which the missing Nevadans apparently drove to a remote area. The two adults and 4 children, ages 3-10, went to play in the snow in Northwest Nevada. Freezing temperatures forced rescuers to keep searching through the night.

The missing Nevadans include James Glanton, 34, and Christine MacIntee, 25, as well as Glanton’s two children and MacIntee’s niece and nephew. They are being searched for after snow and sub-zero temps have hit many parts of the US.

The Pershing County Sheriff’s Department spoke about the missing and the efforts to find them. Fears escalated when the temperature dropped below zero. The mother of the ten-year-old joined the search, describing it to Piers Morgan as, “the hardest 24-36 hours of my life.”

The National Weather Service stated the temperatures are expected to stay approximately below 10-20 degrees the norm. Six inches of snow is expected to blanket the region from Virginia to New England on Tuesday. Offices in Washington are closed Tuesday due to sleet, snow and freezing rain. The snowstorm may stop but the temperatures will stay low until Friday.

Meteorologist Chad Meyers from CNN gave the advice that people should adhere to in the winter: always keep a half a tank of gas in your car, so you can heat it if need be.

Flights have been cancelled and road conditions across the country are in peril. A man was hit and killed when he got out of his car after a 50 car chain-reaction crash in Pennsylvania. Wyoming saw -29 degrees Fahrenheit on Monday, the coldest spot in the lower states. Warnings were issued for the Bears vs. Cowboys game at Soldiers Field as the temperature was expected to be below zero.

The two adults and four children were last seen near an abandoned mining camp in the Northwest part of Nevada. The search for the Missing Nevadans continues in the sub-zero temps of the Seven Troughs Mountain Range. The elevation of Seven Troughs is 7,474 feet and the range contains seven canyons, all parallel to each other. The area remains remote and quite rocky with all dirt roads. The area is quite popular for hunting chukar, a winter game bird. Hunters, though, are smart enough to stay away in this kind of  sub-zero temperatures.

The location for the search of these missing is 100 miles north and east of Reno. It is a race against the clock when cold temperatures drop below zero. Aircraft and ground crew continue this search in hopes of finding them soon. There has been no communication from the missing group. The silver Jeep they departed in on Sunday has not been seen and no one is sure what supplies they may have had, either.

Highway Patrol Trooper, Chuck Allen, noted the area has incomplete cell phone coverage. He hopes they remain in the Jeep. A voluntary group from the U.S. Air Force and a search team from the Navy are assisting the sheriff’s department. The Navy has a helicopter with night vision capabilities. Three planes are expected to search on Tuesday when the skies are supposed to be sunny. The sub-zero temps are dangerous but the pilots should have clear skies then. The search and hopeful rescue continues for the missing Nevadans.

By Kim Troike




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