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Throughout this past year Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have remained a united and strong team. From the five weeks too early birth of their daughter, North West, to the highly popular engagement with video included, the couple has connected solidly. Kim has always stood by her man and yet she cannot seem to leave the eye of the media. She has once again, made the news, by simply appearing at the movies.

In a family outing with Kanye, baby Nori, sister Kourtney and boyfriend Scott Disick, Kris Jenner and others – Kim attended a movie that was special to her heart as her fiance played a cameo in the film. The group attended the movie premier of Anchorman 2 at Edward’s Theater’s Grand Palace Stadium 6 in Calabasas, CA.

While this outing was not as memorable as the surprise pizza party three days ago when Kim and Kanye  supposedly stopped by a Chicago pizza restaurant to grab a bite to eat, it was still memorable as it was another public moment in the spotlight. The two have been spotted out frequently in more public places.

The engaged couple and family were seen getting dinner and then heading into the theater for the show. In addition, the paparazzi waited outside until the family emerged from the theater doors. Dozens of pictures were taken of the couple as they left the theater, emitting grace and style. The movie cameo was definitely a proud moment for “Kimye.”

It seems Kanye, who is a fan of the original Anchorman movie, was very excited to receive a role in the second movie. Will Ferrell said of Kanye, “He’s actually a huge fan of comedy and a huge fan of Anchorman and he kept saying he couldn’t believe he was there on set.”

Many great reviews emerged from critics for Kanye’s cameo in the comedy filled flick, including a comment from Will Ferrell who stated, “He taught me how to find love in my heart.” The great comments on Kanye’s performance in Anchorman 2 could lead to bigger movie roles in his acting career, as the role was his movie debut. If his acting career does continue we could be seeing Kim Kardashian at the movies more in the future.

Anchorman 2, released in theaters last Wednesday, but did not receive enough sales to beat out The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Nevertheless, the laugh-inducing flick has reportedly reaped an impressive $40 million since its release. Producers are still hoping to see the numbers rise in the coming weeks to beat the first Anchorman release which accumulated$85.3 million in sales. Kanye’s role in the movie involved a small part in which he could supposedly be seen choking  actor Steve Carrell with a hockey stick.

While Kanye has not commented much on his viewing of the movie, Kim has made many comments on the film and Kanye’s role in the film. After watching the movie at the theater, Kim Kardashian told the media she thought the movie was really good and she was proud of her fiance, Kanye.

As the two continue to connect up to their big wedding day they continue living their lives as if they were any other ordinary couple in love. They do not give a second glance regarding their excessive media attention. Kim Kardashian was recently spotted going to lunch in workout clothes, a change from her stylish outfit seen at the movie premier. The power couple has seemingly made public appearances a habit as of late. This makes fans and photographers wonder where they might appear next.

By Crystal Boulware


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