Miley Cyrus Ditching Fans Again

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Miley Cyrus was caught ditching her fans again. This time it was “bye” to Miami and “hello” to NYC to perform in Times Square for a New Years Eve show. That is $300 many spent to see Miley, resulting in a loss of fan loyalty. Miley is young and apparently like many she changes her mind when she feels like it. It does not matter if it is a decision that will affect others. Maybe she figures Florida is not that far from New York and her Miami fans can fly to see her? This is right after she did not make her Jingle Bell performance in Boston. This year Miley is definitely going out with a bang.

Miley wrote this fan ditching tweet: “Smilers! There’s been a change in my NYE plans. @RyanSeacrest asked me to perform in Times Square for #RockinEve!! I’m bummed I won’t be in Miami wanna thank the homies @Fontainebleau 4 their support #turnupforme.” Maybe Miley’s fans will forgive her, she did sort of apologize and she tweeted with a smile, that has to count for something, right? For Miley, the aspect of fame comes with a detached sense of responsibility. To her, switching concert venues should be as acceptable as canceling dinner plans to go out with friends. Fans may not agree.

Disappointing her fans was not the only result of her choice, she also appears to be slapping Pharrell and Afrojack in the face too. They were on the bill with her for the Fontainebleau pool performance in Miami, oops! Interesting how things have a way of working out, as the Miami party and the Times Square gig will be telecast.

At least this time the early announcement will prevent untruths from being spread. According to PerezHilton, Miley’s people reached out to the local station Kiss 108 and informed them she would not be performing at a past performance. The station must have misunderstood since the station’s on air personality said Miley was at the show with the other performers Selena Gomes and Fallout Boy. The same information was also posted on social media, according to fan Rich Nowak, who is one of the many fans demanding their money back.  Nowak says the station insisted Miley was there, but it was Miley herself tweeting, she was not.

Miley is 21 and is obviously in need of attention. She is succeeding as she she is getting lots of it. Miley wore a fur coat that was controversially real while performing last Thursday at Miami’s BB&T Center’s Jingle Bell event.

Fans tweeted about it, disappointed with her lack of shame. On Instagram Beyonce wrote, “I don’t pop molly…” in reference to Miley’s repeated support of the drug. According to Daily Mail writer Sophia Charalambous, Miley told Rolling Stone Magazine that although Hollywood is known as a coke town, weed is the better choice and so is Molly (AKA MDMA). Molly is an Ecstacy pill ingredient. Miley said Molly creates happiness and gets people out of the bathroom by removing their inhibitions.  Perhaps it helps with making decisions of ditching fans again from one location to spend time with others and not feel guilty about the choices selected or its consequences.


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