Mandela Here, There and Everywhere [Op-Ed]

Nelson Mandela

Yes, it is so; we have Mandela here, there and everywhere. It is absolutely crazy. Can you believe that the media can drive such a staggering amount of coverage for one person.

Media Attention

I cannot think of who had such media attention as Nelson Mandela has. Even Princess Diana, upon her death, did not generate this amount of media attention. Yes, that was a monumental event and a tragic one too. Princess DianaNow there was a person who commanded respect and lived a life of such generous compassion. That is certainly a princess who will always be remembered with a loving respect.

Another massive media event, of course, was the death of Elvis Presley.  Now that was a shocker. I was in my early twenties, and here in South Africa we did not have television and the Internet, only the radio. Well, that statement was phenomenal. I remember how the story of his death drove the crowds into a hysterical rage – the drama, the tears and the heartache. Elvis was our “King of Rock.”

Of course, epic events covering the deaths of American presidents and celebrated achievers in the world of entertainment always get a fair share of media attention. It is befitting to give a public figure media cover and keep the public updated with events as they happen.

How Our Mindset Has Changed

We are so blessed to have the ability to communicate in an instant, amazing really. As the years have leaped by, so has technology advanced to such mind boggling limits. Instant is extremely fast and quick, just think about that. If you want to give the whole world a message, just tweet your text, and it is likely to go viral within seconds. News about prominent people and celebrities certainly travels across the Internet faster than news of ordinary people.Elvis Presley

Our mindset has changed as the progression of technology continues to influence the way in which we embrace it. The Internet has so many advantages and can make an enormous difference on how we find day-to-day news. Think about the old and tried method of mail.  Yes, remember, hand written letters, posted around the world and how lucky you would be to get a response in about two weeks?  The excitement of expecting that answer was captivating. Remember the reaction of gently opening the envelope and reading a few pages of news from across the world?  That was a incredibly touching time in our lives. Now, we have email, which is super fast and then the instant tweets. It is surprising how quickly we have access to anything and everything.

Back to Mandela

Now, back to the news of Mandela everywhere.  It is just so incredible really. Mandela had his trusted and loyal followers and millions of people who admired the man. Then, of course, there are the few million who don’t give a fig about him. The people that refer to him as a terrorist and the entrenched Mandela haters are still around.

Nelson MandelaSince the official notification of his death, I have tried to read as many articles as I possibly could. I wanted to compare information, and tried to see if there was any significant new information about Mandela. Of course, the media channels covered his entire life, quotes, passion, loves, everything, nothing new! Written comments on the media articles by the public generally leaned toward how revered Mandela was. Generally, there were a handful of comments targeting Mandela as a terrorist and referring to his dark side of life. Now that intrigued me immensely; and, I can honestly say, I thought the majority of people had lost their minds.

Mandela has consistently been in the news since his admission to hospital in June this year. Reports announcing his death – and then the manipulation by the South African government and the Mandela family – led the media to continue reporting on every movement Mandela, the government and his family made. Ironic that these stories now overshadow the real and challenging news that the public should be made aware of.

Will we be brainwashed by the time his funeral takes place?

By Laura Oneale

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  1. Michael   December 9, 2013 at 10:58 pm

    It would help enormously dear Laura, if you were able to write decent English.

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