Martin Bashir Leaves MSNBC After Aiming Crude Comments at Sarah Palin

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In writing this article, this writer holds no love for either the Democrat or Republican parties when it comes to comments of Martin Bashir. Both parties have failed to impress and equally so, the pundits representing both sides have also failed to uphold media responsibility. When Sarah Palin was boldly selected from the list of VP candidates for McCain, there was that initial inward groan; knowing the full-scale attack she would endure. Not one person, regardless people enjoy or hate the subject – should ever become the brunt of ugly, crude and filthy comments from a news representative. This leads to explain why Martin Bashir is leaving MSNBC after his own questionable commentary towards the former governor.

The correspondent’s comments were pretty tacky. It was beyond the aspect of his own issues of reading bad teleprompter words, but it was insulting to many women and just in bad taste. Sure, have an opinion on Palin’s words, her actions or political ongoings, but there is a sense of responsibility when handling media reports. Bashir used his national stage to twist a statement and then left behind his own “shocking” words.

Palin had been discussing the issue of national debt and how Americans were becoming enslaved, during a speaking engagement. Bashir’s disgust was real and he brought up memos from slave days. Bashir was discussing inhumane treatment between slaves and their slave owners, from the diary of Thomas Thistlewood. Because, Bashir didn’t like the context that Palin used to describe slavery (which is a word heard commonly in varying context within politics), ¬†Bashir stated Palin should undergo the very treatment Thistlewood would embark upon, calling her a prime candidate of the punishment. What was this disgusting treatment? It would encompass the slave owner defecating and urinating in the mouth of the slave. The crude comments from Bashir aimed at Sarah Palin invoked a national outrage, resulting in the controversial host leaving MSBNC. If curious about the video that upset Bashir, see below:

If Bashir disagreed with Palin’s words, there was a simplistic way of countering her statement- simply explain his own theories and opinion behind the national debt. Advocating the mistreatment of a mother and grandmother removed the seemingly ignorant remarks from Palin and now broadcast the negative light on Bashir. Many on the right may be accustomed to the common surface insults leveled at Palin, especially regarding her inexperience in politics.

This leaves no excuses – none, to deliver a dialogue of hate and filthy ridicule. Bashir, perhaps could have used this as a platform to bring Palin on the show to discuss her comments on national debt and citizens response to feeling like “slaves.” There was a time and place to address it professionally, but Bashir’s execution was just in poor taste. This seems to be something MSNBC is now looking to clean up, especially after the recent bomb Alec Baldwin delivered when he aimed gay slurs against a reporter. Not a first for Baldwin, who has commonly been linked to homophobic propaganda.

Speaking of Baldwin, he took a moment to wish Bashir best of luck on Twitter, stating that in all of Bashir’s years, this commentary was much like a penalty and he shouldn’t be disciplined so severely. That is interesting, considering both MSNBC and Bashir insist it was the host who decided to leave the network.

Bashir did issue an apology and states he would take time to learn “from this experience” and gain a renewed “spirit of humility and humanity” for the country. Palin appeared on Fox’s Fox & Friends¬†to mention the apology. She accepted the apology from Bashir and stated she would move on beyond the uproar and “be humble” to continue moving on. She also commended MSNBC for immediately gathering the information for response.

Media pundits are becoming more vocal over time. From Rush Limbaugh, Don Imus, Alec Baldwin and so many more, Bashir is joining a list that needs to be reminded; although freedom of press is granted, common sense is something hopefully alluded to. While emotions can run high against a former or current political individual, maintaining a level of self-respect and dignity is necessary.

Martin Bashir took leave of MSNBC after issuing crude comments to Sarah Palin. What are your thoughts on this situation? Do you think Bashir taking a leave was for the best or was he forced out? Do you think mainstream media talking heads are becoming less news-worthy and more about supporting their candidates? Share your thoughts.

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