McDonalds Says No to Fast Food

McDonalds Says No to Fast Food

McDonalds is teaching their employees to say ‘no’ to fast food. The company employee resource website, the McResource Line, has posted a series of articles to inform its readers and employees that fast food is not a good choice for a healthy lifestyle. The site has labeled hamburgers and french fries as an unhealthy choice for its employees and recommends sandwiches and salads instead.

The site admits that although fast food is a quick and easy alternative to home cooked meals it is also contains unhealthy amounts of calories, salt, fat and sugars.  The articles went on to suggest that eating fast-food high in calories would lead to obesity.  The website warns those who are diabetic, have heart disease or high blood pressure to avoid fast food completely. The articles recommend limiting mayonnaise, bacon and cheese and selecting non fast-food restaurants that offer choices of sandwiches, soups and vegetables.

Employees of McDonalds may wonder how they can select an alternative restaurant when they have little time for breaks and receive deep discounts at their fast food restaurant. The employee resource site recommends that if employees are eating fast food to replace the french fries with a salad and ask for a single patty burger without the extra cheese and sauces. Instead it suggests asking for extra lettuce and tomatoes.

McDonalds issued supporting statements Monday, saying that the third-party articles were being taken out of context and that the site provided valuable information to its employees involving healthy living and balanced lifestyle choices. McDonalds is not saying ‘no’ to fast food but giving their employees balanced health information. However, they had little comment and quickly pulled the article advising their employees how to properly tip their nannies, pool cleaners and other luxury service personnel.

McDonalds was also asked to review articles suggesting employees budget their finances to not include heating utilities and to budget for $20 a month health care. The site also provided advice to control holiday spending debt by returning unopened gifts.

The company stated that it has added many items to its menu to allow for healthier choices. In recent years it has brought on oatmeal, fat-free chocolate milk, egg white choices and salads and fruits. The famous Happy Meal now includes the option for fruit slices. McDonalds CEO Don Thompson explained that McDonalds does not sell junk-food. The company has taken steps to remove itself from the negative image of fast food and its health implications. But one must ask how distant can a company become that is built on cheeseburgers and french fries as its core food offering?

McDonalds may be telling their employees to say no to fast-food, but do they want that message to resonate with their billions of customers? Probably not.  The articles that are posting to the employee site appear to be written by third-party vendors with little oversight or selection process in place.  McDonalds has issued statements indicating that they are continuing to review the content being published on the McResource Line. However, they continue to stress that the site is a helpful and important resource to their valued employees.

Written by Anthony Clark

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  2. Rick Vidallon   December 24, 2013 at 8:26 pm

    Well at least they don’t terminate employees for eating different food. I just watch a CNBC story about Anheuser-Busch having fired an employee who ordered a Coors Beer. Think I will go out for a Big Mac tonight. Bravo Mickey D.

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