Microsoft 12 Day of Deals Starts Monday

MicrosoftMicrosoft is offering some great seasonal deals for shoppers still looking for the perfect Christmas gift. Starting Monday, people can get discounted Microsoft products during the 12 Day of Deals event. The questions on many lips are whether the products are going to be worthwhile, and what the catch is going to be.

The first offer from the technology giant is the Dell Venue 8 Pro. This will be on offer on December 9 for $99. The main catch is that this price is limited to the first 100 Dell computers sold. After that, the price will increase by $100, until the whole stock has gone. From then, the price goes back to the normal $299. Those who are quick will be able to score an excellent deal.

The price does not include the taxes, or any shipping costs for those who decide to buy online. It is worthwhile getting it online at the Microsoft store, since the deals start at 7am PST. Most Microsoft stores around the United States will not open until around 10am, so people may miss out if they wait.

One of the criticisms of the deals is that they are not available to people outside of the United States and Canada. Even then, only those in the United States are able to use the online and in-store options. Those in Canada can only buy online, so will have to pay extra for delivery and wait for items to be shipped. This computer deal is limited to one customer per person, too.

The Microsoft 12 Day of Deals, which starts Monday, is not the only great opportunity of this type. In fact, the technology company likely took the idea from Amazon, who did the same type of promotion last December. Amazon is doing the same thing this year, along with a handful of other companies. Amazon’s promotion started three days ago and will run until December 14. Dell previously held this type of promotion, but it has since ended.

The Amazon promotion will host a series of Kindle books. Customers without a Kindle or tablet from the Fortune 500 company will be able to view the eBooks on their device with the free Kindle reader app. There are discounts on the physical books too for those who prefer reading that way. Unlike the Microsoft deals, the eBook promotions will last from 12:01am PST for a 24-hour period. Physical books will be available for a 12-hour window in four hour increments each, as there will be three books available. This is between 8am and 8pm.

The announcement of the books available for Amazon will be made on the day. Customers are advised to sign up for daily emails to get the latest news on the deals. There is no confirmation when the new Microsoft deals will be named.

Companies seem to be trying to make Christmas much easier this year. The 12 Day of Deals promotion from Microsoft starts Monday with the Dell Venue 8 Pro. While there are strings attached, it is still a great offer that many in the United States and Canada will want to take advantage of.

By Alexandria Ingham

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2 Responses to "Microsoft 12 Day of Deals Starts Monday"

  1. Ro Jo   December 9, 2013 at 8:49 am

    BAD, BAD EXPERINCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shame on Microsoft – Had tablet in shopping cart (online) and when I click to purchase the item an error message popped up. I tried it again then the price went up to 199.99. I tried calling but was on hold for over an hour.

  2. Tom Gordon   December 6, 2013 at 8:15 pm

    I don’t see what to comment on, yet. The sale will go forward and when the results come in, that will generate the news. What does this author want us to do? RSVP!

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