Fast Food Turned Fast Track to Health

 Fast Food

Fast food may have recently turned towards a fast track to health. As many consumers prefer to grab ready-made food, a number of restaurants have converted their food to make a more health-friendly menu.

Washing D.C’s Veggie Grill are progressing exceedingly well; serving a low calorie menu they expect that by next summer their customer base will have doubled. This proves that when offered with a healthier option, people can be convinced to abandon their fatty fast-food burgers. Convenience gets the better of many people, so why not bestow upon the population an option that the heart can support?

Coronary Heart Disease can be caused by high levels of certain fats and cholesterol in the blood. It can be prevented by eating a healthy diet and living a healthy life-style. It is important that convenience food chains offer a genuine healthy option, rather than a deceptive salad, where the dressing racks up to the same amount of calories one would find, within a gut-busting double cheeseburger.

Stephen Sidwell, cofounder of California’s Lyfe Kitchen, believes that a fast-food diet, if healthy, can not only help people to lose weight, but also remain a strong competitor within the food industry, by distributing flavoursome and enticing foods. He continues the upkeep of his restaurant persistently, and it assisted Sidwell with his own 30 pound weight loss. His entire menu has nothing that strays over the 600 calorie mark, and his next aim is to expand his business nationwide, so that fast food can be turned into a fast track to health.

Fast foodHe stated that healthy food entailing a sacrifice of taste, is nothing but a myth, and wants to help others maintain a healthy lifestyle. Through his menu, he hopes to develop an awareness of body-conscious choices that many can enjoy, rather than other fast-food chains who only have one option – three meals in one.

In a recent study, involving six U.S fast-food chains, the average meal contained no less than 836 calories. The recommended calorie intake for women, is 2000 calories per day, which means this one meal equates to half a days worth of food.

The fast-food industry has been proven to manufacture a product that stimulates your appetite, but does not satisfy hunger. This means people eat more and more calorific food, but do not become full. It becomes a deathly cycle of cravings, momentary fulfillment, and back to cravings.

They do this by tailoring products that combine sugar, fat and salt, which make the mouth drool. The effects of this, are an increase in highly processed products and profits, and also the “obesity epidemic”.

It has recently been proven that obese and over-weight people can not be healthy, and that the only reason some may appear that way on paper, is because of delayed symptoms. However, reports stated that they will still be more prone to death, heart-attacks and strokes. Many researchers have welcomed these results with open arms, and believe that the findings have divulged at just the right time, given the recent attention to the belief that people can benefit from chronic obesity.

With more people hoping to see fast food turned towards a fast track to health, who is to know what our convenience stores will hold for us in the future? The promise of health is certainly a slogan that would not go amiss.


By Melissa McDonald




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  1. Steve   December 7, 2013 at 6:17 am

    Energy Kitchen went out of business 3 weeks ago

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