Miley Cyrus Christmas Love Video Reveals a Dirty, Obscene Drawing (Video)

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Only Miley Cyrus can take a Christmas video and smear it with filth. The Wrecking Ball (pun intended) singer is seen in a brief video while posing for Love Magazine’s Christmas special. The raunchy by nature starlet  is seen with a bodysuit which she defaced by drawing a penis on it. Then she sticks out her tongue and prances towards the camera. The video reveals a hint of the dirty, obscene drawing but further still is Cyrus’ inability to determine the aspect of bad taste.

**Editors Note: Video originally in this location has been removed.

Miley Cyrus just creates a sigh – it seems the pop princess is really reaching for desperate attention. Love magazine is based out of the UK and Cyrus was tapped (no clue on that) to appear in the advent calendar video. The depiction of her graphic doodling has hit social media, creating waves of controversy.

It seems Cyrus likes tying in the innocent with revelations of dirty and the obscene. Prior to the handiwork of her unexplained action, Cyrus was criticized for twerking against R&B singer, Robin Thicke during the MTV VMAs just a few months ago. During her performance, the harlot starlet appeared on stage dancing with oversized teddy bears, creating raised eyebrows for moms across America and the implication of innocence meeting graphic dancing.

Even more shameful? When Love magazine originally toted the handiwork and placed it on their Instagram page. After complaints went viral, the publication removed the mock art and instead placed a more discreet picture of Cyrus up. The magazine is creating a video a day, until Christmas, but many are wondering if choosing Cyrus was the right way to go.

Perhaps, even more stunningly? It seems Cyrus is creating waves of interest with portions of the global public. The tongue-happy songstress is leading the poll for Time Person of the Year. Say what? Yes, the twerking, tongue entrenched, naked wrecked ball riding daughter of one Billy Ray Cyrus is leading the poll for Time. In

This is leading Time magazine's person of the year poll...really?
This is leading Time magazine’s person of the year poll…really?

a world of uncertainty and worry, Time has decided to place Cyrus up over heroes that fall under the radar:

  • Dr. George Bwelle and his medical team has visited his hometown of Cameroon since 2008. Over the course of the last five years, he has provided free care to nearly 32,000 citizens.
  • Angel Cordero and Charles Ramsey assisted the escape of Amanda Berry in Cleveland. Cordero lived across the street that fateful day Amanda Berry, a missing teen for 10 years, waved her hand from the door. As neighbors gathered, it was Cordero who walked Berry to his home to call the police. These men reached out and paid attention when many others looked the other way.
  • Miles Scott is 5-years-old in remission from cancer and saved the day in San Francisco mid-November. The Make-A-Wish Foundation and numerous volunteers stepped up to make his comic book enchantment become a reality.  It was an amazing moment the BatKid saved the day and yet, instead, Cyrus is winning in the polls.

There are dozens if not hundreds of additional stories of small-town heroes who have made incredible advances in medicine, inspiration and in life. Yet, many are voting for Cyrus to take the lead.

The link to vote is at the end of the article. With names like Malala Yousafzai, Edward Snowden, Elon Musk, Rand Paul and even Prince George – it’s befuddling to determine why so many are selecting Cyrus. More importantly glancing down the list, it appears Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev are also on the list – if one needs a reminder, both were named the Boston Bombing suspects. Yet, they sit on the Time magazine Person of the Year poll? Shaking. Head. And, onward!

Cyrus is falling more from grace and into a dark triangle of controversy, obscene gestures and dirty drawings. Now in the recent Love magazine’s Christmas advent video, Cyrus is truly showing how low she can go. The gesture is just completely out of place in a video that is supposed to promote fun, music and interactions from favorite stars. The rest of the videos from other favorite stars seem mild in comparison to the ridiculousness that is Miley Cyrus.

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