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With Miley Cyrus on hand Friday for Britney Spears kickoff concert at Planet Hollywood some might wonder when her Vegas residency starts.

Cyrus was pictured after the concert at Beacher’s Madhouse at the MGM while she helped unveil the new club. Was the Madhouse just a venue for her birthday, or was there more to her hosting duties than just hosting?

Spears just kicked off a two year $15 million residency next door at Planet Hollywood. She’ll be raking in $310,000 for each of her scheduled 48 shows. The money is impressive and Planet Hollywood would no doubt pamper her in a manner suitable to her status.

Was Cyrus checking things out? She’s only 21, but with some other performers canceling tours due to fatigue, perhaps a residency is not such a bad idea. One of the biggest complaints of most performers is filling venues. Obviously superstars do not have that issue, but some performers do and a residency takes that worry off the table. It is plug and play. Show up and perform. The people will come to them, they do not have to go to the people.

That counts for something. Buses, trains, airports, taxis can all grow old after a few years touring. Counter that with a lavish room in a prestigious resort hotel in a party town and things start to look interesting.

Vegas is also close to Los Angeles, close to home. With Spears’ Vegas residency as a model, 50 shows over two years, that would leave plenty of time for Miley Cyrus to hop back and forth if she locked down a similar deal.

The one possible negative in the picture is her age, 21. With the Strip offering performers with longer resumes sweet deals it has always been considered a haven for those that had already gone through the grind. Superstars like Celine Dion and Shania Twain has graced the residency stage. That had been the norm until Friday when Spears kicked off her Britney: Piece of Me residency. With her arrival on the Strip the median age of performers notched down a peg. The interest in Spears’ performance also saw impressive crowds for her introductory kick-off.

Now if Cyrus were to take up residency that median age would drop another notch and more people would take in the lavish shows, obviously hers would cater to a younger crowd.

Which venue would be most promising? Dion and Twain are at Caesars,  this could be a good fit. Boys II Men are at the Mirage, Motley Crue at the Hard Rock, Santana at the Mandalay, still lots of venues out there. Maybe the MGM, or maybe Spears and Cyrus could play back to back at Planet Hollywood.

If she did the remaining question would be for how much? If Dion performs 70 shows at $476,000 a pop and Spears performs 48 at $310,000 per show, where would Cyrus fit in. That number crunching is one for the manager.

Will Cyrus fall for the Strip, will she take up a Vegas residency? Probably not. It will be interesting to see how Spears makes out though, as the longer she stays the better the odds of more younger talent coming to town and Vegas has a way of making the odds work in their favor.

By Scott Wilson


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