Colorado Family Killer Captured and Bleeding in Mug Shot

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Colorado family killer, Harry Carl Mapps, 53, was captured in Roland, Oklahoma Saturday night. It was only one month ago that Mapps committed the unspeakable crimes of murdering a mother, father and their daughter, then he proceeded to burn their house down to cover his tracks. A family that took in Mapps during his darkest times, faced death at his hands.

Mapps was charged with murdering the Rye, Colorado family. The victims of this tragic crime were, father Reggie Tuttle, 51, mother Kim Tuttle, 55 and daughter Dawn Roderick, 33. Mapps shot the parents and strangled Dawn to death.

Reggie Tuttle ran a trucking company. Kim Tuttle worked as a cook at the Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo, Colorado. Their daughter, Dawn, was visiting her parents. Dawn was married to Mark Roderick. The couple lived in Denver and Roderick was devastated when he learned of the recent events. Mark Roderick said that he had not seen Mapps behave in any way that was violent or even odd. The whole turn of events had come as a complete surprise to him. When he found out the man who killed his family members in Colorado had been captured and even shown bleeding in a mug shot, Roderick was numb with disbelief. Sadly, Dawn is survived by four children.

Apparently, Mapps had recently separated from his wife, Sandy who resides in Texas. Mapps, who had been described as a handyman, found his way to Colorado and obtained employment with Tuttle’s trucking company. As he was an employee of Tuttle’s, Reggie offered him a friendly place to stay while he went through a trying time. The Tuttles were known, according to friends, for being exceedingly kind and sympathetic people. They were the kind of people who would help anyone in need.

Since Mapps had some personal problems, the Tuttles had opened their home and hospitality to Mapps. He had been going through some hard times and that is what neighborly people do for one another. However, the same day as the house burned down and the bodies were discovered, it turns out Mapps had also passed some bad checks he had stolen from the Tuttles.

Later, during his flight from the law, Mapps passed more bad checks, leaving a trail which helped lead the authorities to him. The authorities had pinpointed Mapps soon after the murders. Even though it took one month to apprehend him, the police knew exactly who they were looking for throughout the entire time he was on the run. In that time, Sandy Mapps has also been using her Facebook page to give updates on the search for her estranged husband.

Charged with arson, identity theft, theft, three counts of first degree murder and unlawful flight, Mapps had evaded the authorities on a nationwide manhunt that lasted a month. However, the Mapps case was sealed for some unknown reason and no further details have been divulged. In fact, adding to the mystery, Mapps appeared to have met the wrong end of a punch as his face was clearly bleeding while he was being photographed for his mug shot.

One might infer that not long before the mug shot was taken Mapps was involved in some kind of scuffle – enough to cut and bruise his face, causing him to bleed noticeably. It made for a striking image seen all over the nation today: one desperate fugitive from the law, a cold-blooded murderer, with shaggy red hair, piercing blue eyes and blood rolling down his cheek like a tear. One might easily surmise the police were responsible for his scrappy, bloody condition. However, Mapps has not claimed that he was abused by the arresting officers.

Tonight, the Colorado family killer has been captured in Oklahoma and shown bleeding in his mug shot. Mapps is being held without bond pending extradition to Colorado.

By: Alex Durig, Ph.D.


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