Nelson Mandela Funeral Was Planned a Year Ago


Nelson Mandela Funeral Was Planned a Year AgoNelson Mandela’s funeral was planned a year ago, according to reports. The Guardian UK reports that it has obtained a full schedule of events which are very extensive. According to their documents, “all living presidents” will be expected at the funeral. Of course there will also be many other famous celebs, including Oprah. The entire course of funeral events will run for 12 days.

While it is not unusual for large state funerals to be generally planned years in advance, it does seem a bit excessive that the exact funeral activities would have been planned over a year ago. Certainly, the family must have known that Mandela would soon be gone from this earth, and indeed, as we reported in June, he passed away six months before the “official” press announcement of his death today.

Interesting, The Mirror, a UK paper, reported in June that they had just obtained the exact funeral details for Nelson Mandela. That report was released on June 29, just three days after a court document revealed that Mandela was in a “permanent vegetative state.” That same day, June 26, the family was quarreling in court over where Mandela should be buried. The court document said “The Mandela family has been advised by the medical practitioners that his life support machine should be switched off.” On June 29, The Mirror received the exact funeral plans for Mandela.

Guardian Express has been reporting since June that Mandela was deceased, and now that reports have surfaced that his exact funeral plan was completely set a year ago confirms the news we’ve been bringing you for the last six months.

Funeral plans include his body lying in state for three days and the Guardian UK also reports that there will be a glass-topped coffin so that people may see the body of the great icon. There have been previous reports that the funeral will be covered live by CNN and that they snagged exclusive rights to broadcast the funeral after talk with Mandela’s daughter  Makaziwe Mandela. CNN later denied these claims, but daughter Mandela would neither confirm nor deny the reports, saying “Unless you tell me who told you this, I’m not going to confirm anything. Tell me which of them it was. That was a confidential meeting and it should not be talked about.”

While Makaziwe Mandela would not speak to the claims, she did admit she’d had a meeting with CNN, so it seems safe to assume that the family has been concerned over who would be willing to grease their palms in exchange for the funeral rights.

Speaking about Mandela today, South African President Jacob Zuma said:

His tireless struggle for freedom earned him the respect of the world. His humility, his compassion, and his humanity earned him their love. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Mandela family. To them we owe a debt of gratitude. They have sacrificed much and endured much so that our people could be free.


While it is true that Mandela struggled for freedom; as Guardian Express reported, it is also true that his family has always been extremely concerned over money, so much so that they refused to switch off Mandela’s life support back in June even though they were instructed by doctors to do so. In this way, they kept Mandela tethered to machines while they pursued lawsuits against him.

Mandela’s funeral was planned over a year ago and he has been deceased for the last six months. Finally he will be allowed to rest.

An Editorial by Rebecca Savastio

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5 Responses to "Nelson Mandela Funeral Was Planned a Year Ago"

  1. Andrew   December 15, 2013 at 7:14 am

    The Newspaper is correct! It all has been a cover up….They want you to believe that he only died 06 Dec 2013 but he has been dead for way longer than that! Everywhere on T.v they just display 1918-2013 why not exact dates????

    Think a little further, government, politicians, they all have been sworn in to secrecy. So much planning for a funeral takes longer than 10 Days. We haven’t seen any photos of him for the last six months….
    They buried him a long time ago, without public knowing. His body in a secret place, people here in South Africa will steal his body and use it for medical remedies or some sort of magic.

  2. Lesism   December 6, 2013 at 7:09 am

    You guys are scum. You are the most disgusting pretence for journalism on the planet, and I really do mean that you’re lower than the Daily Mail, which is quite some effort.

  3. Michael Tours   December 6, 2013 at 12:50 am

    LOL – This news confirms the EXACT opposite of what you have been saying for the last six months.

    There was Exactly ZERO reason for hiding his death for 6 months – The timing is no consequence or benefit to anyone.

    How pathetic of you to claim it proves your lies … it proves the exact opposite!!

    How much longer will you try profit from madiba’s ill health and now death?

    Have you no shame Rebecca !!!!!

  4. Michael Tours   December 6, 2013 at 12:48 am

    Rebecca, you Graham, Laura, Michael, have all been exposed a liars – why would anyone believe a single inch of what you write on this Blog, posing a genuine news source???

    You have all attempted to profit from Madiba’s ill health, by consistently spreading lies about his death – which has just been exposed.

    I didn’t waste any time reading your silly article …. have you no shame !!!!!

    • Peter Pan   December 6, 2013 at 7:46 pm

      I think you are wrong. This news channel had the balls to tell the truth while others played by the Mandela family rules. The timing was perfect, think about that!

      You came back to the Guardian Express to read the truth and then rant your frustration in the comments column.


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