Nevada Couple and 4 Children Still Missing in Sub-zero, Snowy Conditions

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Two adults and four children are still being searched for through freezing temperatures and continued snowfall in Nevada.

The six missing persons were hiking through the Seven Troughs region which is surrounded by mountains. They disappeared from contact on Sunday and have not yet been located.

The missing persons include 34-year-old James Glanton and 25-year-old Christina MacIntee (pictured above). Ms. MacIntee was traveling with her niece and nephew and Mr. Glanton was traveling with his two children. The children range from 10 to 3 years of age.

Temperatures are predicted to drop below zero making everyone working to rescue the missing persons more frantic.

Reportedly the six went as a group to “play in the snow” and have not been seen since, says Nevada authorities. Sheriff Richard Machado of Pershing County told a local news team that, “The temperatures out here are very cold.” He added that to make a successful end to this story they would need to find the six as soon as possible.

The navy has joined the search recently. A helicopter that is equipped with night vision has begun flying over the area looking for clues of human life. Rescue

Area, searchers are scouring for the missing persons
Area, searchers are scouring for the missing persons

teams are still searching through the area as well.

The last reported sighting of the group was when they were spotted in a silver Jeep driving through a mining area of Nevada that is located about 20 miles from their home.

Although originally the relationship between the two adults was unclear it is now reported that Christina MacIntee is Glanton’s girlfriend. There are pictures which show Glanton’s daughter and MacIntee’s niece playing together, confirming the link between the two adults.

The disappearance of the children has been understandably heartbreaking for their friends and family. Amanda Fitzpatrick is the mother of Shelby Fitzpatrick who is missing in the group and only ten years old.

Fitzpatrick called this experience “heartwrenching.” She also said it has been the hardest 24 to 36 hours she has suffered through in her life. “It’s my baby girl,” she told reporters.

Temperatures plunged to minus 16, over Monday night in this corner of Nevada and are expected to be similarly low during the next few days at dawn and over the night.

Nevada authorities ground crew had to call off its efforts Monday night due to darkness and temperatures that forced them to stop their efforts. They plan to resume them Tuesday at the break of dawn.

It is unclear what type of supplies, if any, the group was carrying. A highway patrol trooper said that he hopes the group is huddled together in the jeep and that that would be the best possible scenario. As of now there is no news whether anyone actually saw the group get out of the jeep and where they started hiking to, so there is some hope for this possibility.

The jeep has not been reported found yet either.

Although there was several inches of snow on the ground rescuers believe that the black top of the jeep should make it possible to see. Rescuers will continue their efforts on Tuesday to locate the two adults and four children that are still be searched for through the snow and freezing temperatures of northwest Nevada.

By Nick Manai


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  1. Danny Klegseth   December 10, 2013 at 7:31 am

    They will survive it will be a great story for them to tell there children. My prayers are with the family be strong!

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    Hope they are found in good health.


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