Newlywed Couple Used Craigslist to Kill for Fun [video]

Pennslyvania Newlywed Couple Killed a Craigslist Man For FunNewlywed couple in Pennsylvania longed to murder someone together. They used Craigslist to carry out their wishes by killing a man during their honeymoon before heading to a strip club. Allegedly, the couple murdered the 42-year-old man after he responded to an advertisement they posted on Craigslist. The ad they posted offered companionship for money.

This young couple, Elytte and Miranda Barbour, were celebrating their three-week nuptial anniversary when they were presented with the opportunity to execute a dream they supposedly shared; to murder someone together.

According to the Sunbury Police Department the victim, Troy LaFerrara, was stabbed approximately 20 times before being left for dead in an alley in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. This happened only moments after LaFerrara entered Miranda’s red Honda CRV upon meeting her for the very first time. The meeting took place at the Susquehanna Valley Mall.

When LaFerrara entered Miranda’s vehicle he didn’t see her newlywed husband. Elytte was hiding in the back seat of the vehicle beneath a blanket large enough to shield his unsuspected presence.

Elytte quietly remained in the back awaiting the signal from his wife that they agreed on beforehand. Once the signal was given Elytte quickly wrapped a cord around the victim’s neck and commenced to strangling him. As LaFerrara was being strangled, Miranda began stabbing him relentlessly.

Elytte told law enforcement that the victim didn’t take it effortlessly; he fought back as he was being strangled and stabbed. Elytte said this caused him to pull the cord even tighter as his wife continued to jab him with the knife.

Elytte, who is 22-years-old and his 18-year-old wife, Miranda were arrested Friday night for the murder of LaFerrara. Police said the victim’s body was found in an alley in Sunbury; a small city about 100 miles outside of Philadelphia.

Elytte told law enforcement that he and his wife had planned to kill previously but it just never worked out. They never stopped searching for a victim and it finally worked as planned when LaFerrara answered their Craigslist advertisement. Elytte said, “LaFerrara just happened to be the one with whom the plan worked.”

After Elytte was arrested he told police where the victim’s body was dumped and where the stab wounds could be found on LaFerrara’s body.

Initially Miranda told police that she was alone when she killed LaFerrara. She claimed that the only reason she stabbed him was because he put his hands around her neck and began to fondle her private parts.

Miranda told police that she was still alone when she drove to Hummels Wharf, Pennsylvania to purchase cleaning supplies to rid her vehicle of the victim’s blood. Then she stated she went home to pick up Elytte and took him to a strip club to celebrate his 22nd birthday.

After continued questioning from Officer Travis Bremigen, Sunbury policeman, Elytte finally confessed that he was the one who went to the store for cleaning supplies.

Police stated they had video surveillance which showed Elytte exiting his wife’s car in the parking lot of the department store and going inside, the night in question. After entering the store, video surveillance shows him walking around before getting in line to purchase cleaning items such as: a red towel, bleach wipes, cleaning liquid and paper towels.

As Elytte headed into the courtroom he shrugged his shoulders and flashed a smile at the reporters before being arraigned. Elytte was charged with aggravated and simple assault, criminal homicide, possession of crime instruments and criminal conspiracy.

Elytte told Sunbury’s Daily Item that Miranda regularly offered herself for hire as a “companion” to men she met on various websites. He said his wife is not a prostitute; instead she offers men her company and delightful conversation. Elytte said his wife operated a business and has been paid up to $850 for her services.

Sunbury Police Department believes there may be other victims.

The couple was married on October 22 and once sentenced will spend the rest of their lives separately. Elytte was sent to the Columbia County Prison while his wife, Miranda, is incarcerated at Northumberland County Prison. Both are being held without bail.

Newlywed couple, Elytte and Miranda Barbour, had a dream to murder someone together. During their honeymoon season the fulfilled their dream by killing 42-year-old Troy LaFerrar, then headed to a strip club. Allegedly, the couple murdered the man after he responded to an ad they posted on Craigslist which offered companionship for money.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

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    There seems to be a rift in the specie. In an environment where State protects miscreants, we should not be surprised by their proliferation . Yet some humans perceive and value deeper evolutionary processes at work. Their migration to the periphery pursues an adaptive strategy.


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