Obama, His Uncle and Time

Obama, His Uncle and Time

President Obama claims not to know of his uncle’s immigration issues. He also is not handling the Obamacare website very well and he wants the rich to pay more taxes. Are the owners of American Airlines, Apple or perhaps Walmart checking their business websites? Maybe not. They might be too busy running their companies or maybe they appointed someone else to take care of it. The world looks at the U.S. as being filled with financially prosperous citizens (or used to). That must be an accurate assumption since there are so many outcries against taxing the wealthy. Everyone remembers everything, all the time. Sometimes it even seems as thought the president is cloned and has many selves running around. That is obvious since he is expected to run the country, take care of his family, check the Obamacare website (might as well add the White house site too) and know his uncle’s affairs simultaneously.

Young ballerinas were kicked out of rehearsal so the president could be interviewed. Of course Obama picked the location, set the terms and kicked the ballerinas out. If he didn’t do all of that he had to know about it. He can do all these things because the only thing the President has to do is run the country. All those visits from people who run other countries coming to visit or he visiting them, they have too much time also. Something has to be done.

Didn’t the President just have a vacation during the government shutdown? To think we could have had a smarter person who genuinely cares more about the rich, at least then there would be no concern about the tax situation being altered, nor would healthcare be an issue. Time will tell what to complain about next week. Obama has to be kept on his toes as we would not want him to get lazy.

Maybe he will use some of his free time to take a class on building and maintaining websites. It is a good skill to have and maybe he can then fix his mistakes.  Technology has allowed everyone and anyone to have an opinion about everything, anytime. Remember back in the day when that relative or visitor would talk about the important thing; the family would let them speak looking at each other with the “here we go again” look? With the internet we do not recognize these people. Remember how these are the folks who will get their thought across, no matter what? Where do you think they are now and who doesn’t have access to a computer these days? The President of the United States of America is looking out for 313.9 million people. He might be a little busy.

This is not to take anything away from No Child Left Behind; educationally there are huge obvious issues going on in this country that are in need of immediate attention. Listed are some avenues in place intended to improve things. The Turnaround: Arts initiative is a program to motivate youth to have a greater interest in learning in school and Hour of Code is for teaching computer science basics to students. These innovative initiatives are supported by President Obama who along the way tells college students he is counting on them to be successful. In a minute he will play with websites, check on his uncle. That is after he finishes sitting around doing nothing and twiddling his thumbs while looking out the White House window.

By: Dada Ra


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  1. Dada Ra   December 11, 2013 at 11:09 am

    This of course is sarcasm…


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