Oprah Winfrey Appears to Speak for Many Women


Apparently Oprah Winfrey deciding to have a career over children echoes the thoughts of many women. There is no special preference for women with children in the workforce. Children are loved by almost everyone in the proper environment. If a child is taken to work they are expected to be on their best behavior during the entire visit. If the visit is not during some special Bring Your Child to Work day, the visit is frowned upon. This along with other well known information does not inspire woman to have children.

The Oprah of today most likely would not exist the same way if she had opted to have children. Many millennial women agree with her. They have decided to get their careers on track before filling their homes with little voices. This choice is not a reluctant one. Valuing their freedom of choice, many women appreciate having an equal chance at fulfilling their dreams. Each is aware that they have time to start a family.

The millennia population is between 25 and 35, which is prime career building time. With the obvious inequities of pay between men and woman, children can be a difficult task to take on. If a woman is single, the costs of babysitters solely upon her. If she is married, her husband may not value her career over his desire to have a namesake. Add family and friends wondering why she is taking so long to have a child, and the picture is easily read this is a decision to be made alone.

The point must be made that there is no dislike for children in this equation. It is a decision based logically on present circumstances. A BBC News article quotes Beth Follini who gave birth in her thirties. She waited until she was sure and Follini is happy about her decision to have a child. In retrospect she states, “If I hadn’t [had children], I would have a very different but equally fulfilled life.”

Technology is constantly opening doors to new positions. There are new phones, computers and gadgets being created at an extraordinarily fast rate. Men are not the only ones bringing these delights into the world. In a society where it is either/or women want to be able to play too. Men get to have their cake and eat it too.

Oprah made a choice to not have children. Her decision vocalized appears to be the sound of many women walking a similar path. Wanting to have children and a career, many moms work part time. The issue with part time work is little to no access to benefits. The dilemma is ever present, with solutions for the average woman seeming to be ever distant. Technology might be the catalyst for change. In today’s market there are more work at home positions available,and mothers may be prime candidates for such positions. As long as stereotypical thoughts do not surface, the playing field may begin to balance. Oprah’s mindset may be heard in the future from many others.

By Dada Ra

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