Paul Walker and His Last Moments Caught on Video

Paul Walker

The video below, filmed by Hollywood CIA, shows Paul Walker and his last moments caught on camera. As he was leaving a party, he demonstrated his humor and truthfulness. He was asked about Danica Patrick, an American auto racing driver, model, and advertising spokeswoman,winning the poll for the Daytona 500. This is a 500-mile-long NASCAR Spring Cup Series motor race, held annually in Daytona Beach, Florida. 

The reporter asked his opinion on casting her for the next Fast and Furious film. He replied laughing, saying that she is certainly a stunner, but that he would not want to be upstaged by a girl, because he comes from the “old school,” and a guy always has to beat a girl. Coming from the mouth of other celebrities like Rob Ford, this may be perceived as slightly sexist. However, with Paul’s charm and cheeky smile, he provides his statement with a boyish innocence that could not be criticized.

Paul Walker is not only friendly, unlike some celebrities today like Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, who have attacked the paparazi, but also makes everyone around him laugh. He stays true to reports about his character, for example, from his colleagues. After his tragic death, Universal released a statement saying that they were heart-broken over the star’s accident. They spoke about how he had worked with them for 14 years, and in that time he had become one of the most cherished and well respected members of their team.

TMZ’s video of Paul Walker and his last moments caught on camera, also show the reason he was a universally loved character. He constantly makes witty comments and stays polite, talking about making The Fast and the Furious number 66 in a wheelchair, and being called “The Walker.” As he leaves, he shakes the reporters hand to say his goodbyes.

Walker was in a Porsche when he died, staying true to his most infamous role in The Fast and Furious, which made him a household name and Hollywood star. He appeared in 20 movies, and performed many stunts in those movies, reflecting his real-life passion for cars and racing. The driver of the car lost control and crashed. It burst into flames, and both passengers died. They were on their way to a charity event.

He has an abundance of fans, and his twitter site has boomed since his death, reaching follows of 2,018,047. Fellow stars also took to twitter to comment upon the star’s untimely death, and how sad it is that he has passed. It made people recognize how fragile life is, as the media frantically reported on yet another celebrity, taken before their time.

The video’s above show Paul Walker and his last moments caught on camera. His family, friends, and fans, are forced to confront their loss with a heavy-heart. He achieved a great many things in his lifetime, and it is extremely sad that he has died at just 40 years old. The Fast and Furious films will never be the same without him. His comment about being upstaged, will remain as a comical suggestion.


By Melissa McDonald